My Top 3 Proms (Film & TV)

Sissy Spacek as Carrie White

Well it’s that time of year and with all the talk of prom and graduation I was thinking about my top prom movies/shows (because number one actually is a show!) and how frankly it’s always so much more fun in movies and on television.

#3 Carrie

I mean this is probably the iconic prom movie almost always mentioned in any other movie after involving a prom even as a throw away joke. It’s number 3 for me because at this point everyone knows what’s coming and while it was a prom shit show of revenge even long ago when I first saw the 76 film and read the book the scariest part by far was her mother.

#2 Never Been Kissed

Never Been Kissed has to have one of the most relatable main characters of the late 90s. And as far as proms first we get the cringe worthy flashback and then we get current times when she’s cool and has the hot teacher (let’s just leave out the fact he thought she was 17) and Josie has to face while she’s changed the high school cliques don’t.

#1 Buffy the Vampire Slayer The Prom

Well this was supposed to be my favorite movie proms but when it came right down to it nothing could beat this scene. Not only was it a really nice well deserved moment for Buffy but it answered the question that no, the students were not oblivious to the things going on in their high school.

It was also a nice moment with Angel and even though it wasn’t the finale at that point felt like a nice wrap-up to high school.


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