Looking Forward: Tenet & Other New Trailers

John David Washington in Tenet

We got ourselves a shiny new Tenet trailer last night and as much as I go back and forth on the will I or won’t I go back to theaters I have no doubt in my mind I’m going to for this one.

Christopher Nolan does time. Washington and Pattinson look good. And it was always one of my most anticipated movies of the year what’s not to look forward to?

It will be a total test run I admit to see what the movie-going experience will be like in pandemic times. And I can’t help but think from my point of view that the films that are going to fall by the wayside will be the smaller films that don’t really need to be seen in theaters in the first place.

So far this has actually had some pretty good marketing. I mean I don’t even watch a lot of television and only streaming yet I saw several ads pointing to the new trailer so we’ll see if Warner is going to put the same advertising effort behind Wonder Woman.

We also got a new trailer for Antebellum:

Which is good because much like Tenet I didn’t have a clue what was going on for the first trailer! (Only with Nolan films I don’t expect to!)

There’s also a longer trailer for Space Force which will drop on Netflix on May 29th.

It looks really fun and I tend to love John Malkovich specifically in these kind of roles. I’m just crossing my fingers that it’s better than Avenue 5 which I had such great hopes for earlier this year.

And in random book news that’s admittedly old -but I missed it- the cover for Riley Sager’s new novel

Home Before Dark

is going to glow in the dark! Which apparently they’ve done with some books before but I don’t have any so color me way too excited. I’m telling myself it’s one step closer to my living books dream or covers that move like the portraits in Harry Potter!

Oh gosh could you imagine something like the IT covers moving?


I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!


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