Summer TBR: I Couldn’t Stop at 5

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It’s a Summer Reading TBR!

This post is in concert with Top 5 Tuesday hosted by Bionic Bookworm although I do go above 5… I couldn’t stop myself! So many good new books so many backlisted books I’m getting to this summer just so many books!

Two of my most anticipated books of the year. Sager is becoming a summer tradition and this new one is about ghosts and a haunted house!

I’m not sure what Calamity Jane is about (besides the obvious) but I’ve been waiting for their take on her and the Wild, Wild West since this book was announced what feels like years ago now!

My Calamity Jane comes out June 2nd

Home Before Dark comes out June 26th

The Mall

This ones about a girl spending her last summer job before college working at the local mall as a 90’s kid/bit of a mall rat (for a little while anyway) I’m betting this will be both fun and nostalgic and I’m all over it when it releases on July 28th. I love the fact they mention scrunchies right up front in the synopsis.

Bookish and the Beast

Just when I thought this summer Once Upon a Con series was all played out they tempt be with books, sci-fi libraries, celebrity and a dog. Plus there won’t be any comic-con this year 🙁 so it will have to fill that hole!

But is it just me or do the people on this cover have no facial features? It’s a little freaky. We’ll see if that’s still the case when it releases August 4th.

And now for some back list books I’m planning on telling myself I’m going to read this summer:

Wicked Like a Wildfire

This book has been on my TBR since Spring of 2018 mostly because I really want to read the sequel. You see how well that has gone since we’re summer of 2020. It has a great cover and more importantly witches, curses and devils and I’m telling myself that it’s this summer or well, I won’t say never but sometimes it feels like it!

The Trials of Apollo

This is another book that I’ve had on my TBR and my Kindle for what feels like ages that I once upon a time said, “Oh, I’ll just blow through this series!” Where Apollo apparently pisses everyone off and gets shipped to Earth as a mortal teenager a book that just screams summer to me.

Maybe once I start it I really will blow through the series?

The Republic of Pirates

The Republic of Pirates

I originally picked this one up last summer when I was in my Black Sails pirates phase and since I didn’t finish that series or read this book I’m hoping to do both over the summer!

Pirates and beaches and books. Seems like the perfect summer read!

I hope everyone gets to all their TBR’s this summer! And it’s more peaceful than the first part of 2020!

11 thoughts on “Summer TBR: I Couldn’t Stop at 5

  1. I can’t wait for Bookish and the Beast!!! <3 And I doubt they will change the cover because the people on the covers of Geekerella and The Princess and the Fangirl don't have facial features either. Its the art style for all three.

  2. I quite like that they don’t have facial features. It’s very halal! I do wish I could see more of that in covers with Muslim characters – of course, that’s entirely up to the author!

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