Adaptation News & CGI Sex Scenes?


First up in things to look forward to Horrorstor is getting a feature film adaption I really enjoyed the book. It was nicely creepy and a lot of fun. Might scare you off Ikea and big warehouse stores for a while but I’m hopeful for the movie!

As I’m sure everyone has heard Tenet moved back to July 31st and Wonder Woman 1984 pushed all the way to October 2nd. Rumor has it that WB pushed Wonder Woman out of August and Godzilla vs. Kong from November all the way to next May in case they needed to move again.

I would be really surprised if Disney holds Mulan’s July 24th release date especially as virus cases rise. They’ve already decided to send The One and Only Ivan to Disney+ which frees up that date in August for Mulan to take but it seems like in terms of cinema no one wants to go first.

But speaking of DC Warner Brothers is holding a free virtual event for the DC FanDome which should have footage from Wonder Woman and better damned well include news that Harley Quinn has been renewed for a 3rd season but the event itself will happen on August 22.

I did get a rare laugh that production guidelines going forward talk about CGI sex scenes which I admit I don’t really notice bad CGI unless it’s egregious (on the first viewing at least) but I always find that productions tend to have the hardest problems with the more intimate and personal uses of CGI (Superman’s upper lip in Justice League and the body double in Game of Thrones Walk of Shame scene come to mind) like everything else right now it’s only a suggestion and up in the air.

Though it will be interesting to see what happens in scenes when productions do start again. When the kids see each other again in Stranger Things season 4 will they high five or nod at each other (will they even see each other again?) plenty of time to wonder for now.

Baby Yoda

Timothy Olyphant will be on The Mandalorian season 2 which my luck no doubt they’ll cover his face. But still I am going to keep my fingers crossed for at least one scene in which he and Pedro have the helmets off!

Come on Baby Yoda (who seems like the only thing that’s going to make his release date this year!) use the force and remove those helmets 🙂

2 thoughts on “Adaptation News & CGI Sex Scenes?

  1. I actually doubt the “no one wants to go first” will apply. Especially for Mulan.

    I actually didn’t realise a body double was used for the walk of shame, but for the most part, I did look away. Weirdly, it was one of the most painful things to watch.

    1. You’re probably right. Everyone I know is still very split like oh I’m going to be back in the theater right away no matter what or are you crazy I can wait until its streaming! We’ll see how it goes I suppose. Someone’s got to be first to pull the band-aid off after all!

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