Underwater Unexpectedly Engrossing


Directed By: William Eubank

I feel like I’m still in a bit of a movie slump honestly but we were having some mad howling wind the other night and I thought… It’s now or never for Underwater and honestly I was surprised by how much I wound up drawn in.

We’re thrown right into the action in this one as a deep underwater rig that Kristen Stewart is working on suffers some sort of complete malfunction and collapses with only Stewart and a hand few of other survivors.

Also I’m not sure I’ve ever thought about what happens when you’re exposed to the water at that pressure but there’s a couple of parts where if you’re squeamish and don’t think humans should be balloons you may want to look away. (Honestly grossest part of the movie for me.)

Underwater is a pretty fun hour and a half survivor hey what the hell is down here on the ocean floor with us movie. I thought there were some scenes with good effects and they do a great job with the claustrophobia (though I am really claustrophobic so it might not bother some people who aren’t.)

The characters aren’t much but the actors are fine. I appreciated the growing ties between Nora (Stewart) stalwart and do what must be done and Emily (played by the always great Jessica Henwick) Emily is just an intern on the rig not really equipped for this kind of thing. She’s pretty much the every day character expressing what we would and credit where it’s due no one takes her to task for it or considers leaving her behind they try to get her through it and it was nice to see her strength grow.

I must admit that I wasn’t big on the end though it all looked really cool and perhaps since she grew on me I would have liked more of Nora’s character throughout instead of a whole lot of her backstory crammed into the last half.

But it was a fun and honestly unexpectedly engrossing ride.

Recommend: Yes. A good flick for summer and/or a bad weather night especially.

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