Looking Forward: Black Widows Bear & Nice Sherlock

black widow returns

Well we have a while still until Black Widow (hopefully in November) but if you’re looking for some movie merchandise for yourself or a gift Build a Bear has kindly and maybe unexpectedly provided:

Black Widow Build A Bear

I got to be honest it’s the hair that’s throwing me off otherwise this is kind of cute. Although it sucks that I don’t think I can like put the Black Widow get up on Winnie-the-Pooh and have Pooh Natasha.

It also throws me off a bit that you can order these things unstuffed. Without the stuffing it just seems like you’re sending someone a dead teddy bear.


Mulan and Tenet have both shifted dates into August a lot of reports that rising cases and still closed theaters have caused the delays. No one seems to want to reopen under the circumstances. A lot of people I know who were even considering a return to the theaters are just starting to throw in the towel on movies at all this year feeling or are already thinking about Wonder Woman and that nothing will come out before that…

So we’ll see.

I still say when the theaters do reopen they should day and date release them at least while this pandemic is going on. Give consumers the choice how they want to watch the films. I think people would really appreciate it.

eleven in stranger things

Stranger Things season 4 is further off than ever but thanks to Netflix will be getting Millie Bobby Brown in Enola Holmes (probably sometime in September) it’s based on stories about Sherlocks little sister.

Henry Cavil, Sam Claflin and Helena Bonham Carter are in the cast so it should be good. I was surprised to learn that Conan Doyle’s estate filed a lawsuit because while most of the Sherlock stories are in the public realm apparently the later stories where he acts like a human and has a heart aren’t quite yet.

Though I’m not really a Sherlock fan I’m looking forward to the film though I’m guessing as far as the lawsuit is concerned Netflix will just pay a licensing fee. Plus Henry and Sam as Sherlock and Mycroft is my kind of interpretation of the material 🙂