And Annie Steals the Show

My Calamity Jane

My Calamity Jane

By: Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton and Jodi Meadows

So this was one of my most anticipated books of the year. Actually I’ve been waiting for this one since I read My Lady Jane and unfortunately while I liked it I think it fell a little bit flat, just like the second book in the series My Plain Jane.

Maybe the Jane’s are tired?

And I ask that because if I was really pin pointing a flat part it would be… well, Jane. This book probably should have been called My Annie Oakley or My Sharp Shooter or something along those lines cause she was definitely the star of the show… so maybe it was a case of false advertising?

Anyway this is a Wild West story that takes place mostly in Deadwood. Jane, Wild Bill and his son Frank are all werewolf hunters and problems abound when Jane gets bit and takes off to chase the cure.

Annie meanwhile is a fantastic shooter who just wants to join the show or the hunt or whatever they do that gets her out of her house and making some money. I understand that kid. I understand. Annie is a little annoying at times but she’s all the fun and I actually liked her relationship with Frank. It was nice to see the shooting rivalry and there was no jealousy on his part.

While it was short I also liked her interactions and friendship with the two sisters.

Jane while she’s got a ton going on never felt like she clicked. I feel like her stuff and her character should have been far more interesting when without Annie and the setting I probably would have given up on this strangely long book.

So while I liked the book overall and enjoyed the series I can’t help feel a little disappointed this wasn’t the Jane I was expecting.

Also while I will say that none of the author inserts or the references bother me the nod to the Avengers specifically Hulk took me right the hell out of the scene for that one and I do wish they’d left that out.

Recommend: Yes.

Read it for Annie and the Wild West/Deadwood setting still makes it worth it.

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  1. Wait what? I haven’t even read My Plain Jane yet and the second instalment is ALREADY HERE?! 😱😱 I gotta get things in order real fast or soon I’ll have no control over my tbr (as if I do now! 🤣🤣)

    1. Ha! I was doing so well with my TBR earlier this year for the first time ever and then quarantine and stress and yeah… out of control again! Good luck with yours 🙂

  2. I’ve always loved the pop culture references in this series. They’re not “true to the time period’ or whatever, but they’re hilarious. I’ve been worried about this book since I didn’t enjoy My Plain Jane. Maybe lightning only struck the Lady Janies once…

  3. Yikes. Seems like a tired franchise already. I wonder if it’d do better if it wasn’t stuck on the Jane’s and explored other popular characters more.

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