Gotham City Harley Quinn Style

Harley Quinn Season 2

So it might have been a bit bumpier than season one and less laugh out loud funny but needless to say I still loved Harley Quinn season 2 over on the DC Universe App. I thought I’d do a list of my favorite parts and consequently what I think they should steal going forward for the live action movies!

If you’ve been here a while I’m sure you can guess my number 1 🙂

DC’s Deep Bench and a Strong Supporting Cast

They may call this Harley Quinn but it was really wild ride through Gotham during both seasons and the impressive thing was each character was given a great deal of love and the changes all made sense.

I never thought I’d see a show where I actually cared about Kiteman as a character on his own for Pete sake, wanted to see more of Man Bat and freaking hug Bane.

The weak supporting characters is perhaps my biggest knock against Birds of Prey still and this show did not fall victim to that at all.

Harley and Ivy in the Harley Quinn Show


The show managed to embrace the clown aspect of Harley’s character her impetuousness and brashness but still deal with her abuse at the hands of the Joker was impressive. I did enjoy Batman kind of giving off exasperated big brother to everyone vibes.

Or the strangely romantic bit at the end of one episode when Ivy was talking about losing her way while they happily dipped polluters in acid and watched them dissolve. It wasn’t always perfect (a messy first half of season 2 and Sy never really did anything for me) but mostly I was damned impressed.

Batgirl in Harley Quinn

Batgirl/ Social Media Aspects

Well she’s one of my top three characters behind Ivy and Harley so I’m glad the show brought her in. I loved her here! She was fun, spirited and optimistic which did bring a much needed element to the Jim Gordon story at times.

I also really enjoyed a pissed off recovering Bruce Wayne thinking about unliking her videos.

And seeing as how I loved Tawny and the show in season one (a loss that she wasn’t in two more!) I loved the out there media/social media aspects that they embraced with both heroes, villains and their fame. They had a bit of fun with this in Aquaman and it seems like Marvel’s bringing it in somewhat but I think it’s a fun element to explore.

Joker and Harley in the Harley Quinn show

The Actors

Yes I know not all voice actors can translate especially in comic movies but I can’t help think that after he’s done menacing Mando and Baby Yoda Giancarlo Esposito would make a killer Lex Luthor. Tudyk is fun in anything really he was Joker and Clayface here and killed at both and I would not mind seeing Jacob Tremblay come in as a snotty young Damien Wayne at some point in time.

Tony Hale's Doctor Psycho

Doctor Psycho

Another character I didn’t expect to enjoy as much as I did…

Tony Hale’s misogynistic Doctor Psycho. In large part because I couldn’t help hope this would be the character Pedro Pascal was playing in Wonder Woman 1984 (guess not) while Psycho in this was mostly funny it’s a good character for me because I just automatically also find the mind-control power or any kind of mind control to be terrifying.

And now my non-surprising number one that I most want to see in live action:

Poison Ivy makes an entrance

I’ve talked about this before and season 2 Ivy was just as good even though she was dealing with a lot of relationship issues and her changing friendship with Harley and a bit of a life crisis she was a fully realized character in all regards.

I also not going to lie loved the fact that she wasn’t some sexpot. I saw her described somewhere as having the personality of ‘a mom’s best friend’ and I loved it!

But all that aside her power would translate so well. She looked amazing in the wedding dresses…

I’m serious but I think I may have to hinge any future marriages on my part on whether or not they’d be down for some wedding cosplay.

And this was not long after her fight with the Justice League in which she kicked ass. I’m telling you HBO Max bring me a live action Ivy this good and I will sign up for your service so fast it will be like Clayface transforming into Stephanie.

Needless to say I cannot recommend the series enough. Though be warned despite the humor there’s a ton of violence and language, gory deaths, the abuse issue, etc. All the best DC stuff is here 🙂 Plus it’s super bingeable. Honestly if you sign up for the free trial on the app you could easily watch the series in time!

Hopefully DC will announce a season 3 at their event in August! It would be a nice way to cap the summer 🙂

Recommend: Yes. Absolutely!

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  1. I skipped reading fearing the spoilers, but I’m so psyched I have ENTIRE season to watch. Couldn’t do that before because of exams. Any news about season 3?

  2. Damn! Look at Doctor Psycho! 🤣🤣 A fitting name for that face. 🤣🤣 I admit I don’t watch this but I thoroughly enjoyed this post! ❤️😇

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