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The Yoda Species Theory & A Wishlist

Okay so seeing as how it’s Comic-Con at home this month (finally one I can afford!) and a Mandalorian Season 2 trailer should be forthcoming I thought I’d share my wishes for season 2 and my theory on why the Yoda species is so unknown seemingly throughout the galaxy.

Basically I think they started out as food.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away people were branching out and these little guys made easy prey so they were nearly wiped out, went to ground, got really, really good with the force so they could defend themselves and without even saying anything mind wipe anyone they wanted.

Fine that might have come up because I was watching The Chef Show a while back and it’s probably not what Favreau is going to do. Disney probably doesn’t want that fan art but I still think it works.

The Alderaan Connection

I actually perked up when I heard Cara was from Alderaan. I mean she’s not just on the run or recovering from a war her entire home world was blown to smithereens not a long time ago.

This is something that Leia never really dealt with in the films- although I know it came up in some of the books. It was interesting to see her work with refugees and to have that emotion and loss used against her in some cases.

I think it could provide good insight into Cara’s character and maybe a thread here and there about the New Republic and what they are doing.

A Good Amount of Esposito

No Boba

To Name or Not to Name

I know the little guy apparently has always had a name and hell he’s going to get one I’m just kind of torn on that because I know with the Star Wars fandom the 99% of people are probably going to be like eh, no. That’s his name? Hate it.

Lucas could guest star, come down from high, bestow a name upon the kid and people will still be screaming.

Gray Jedi

I wish they had done this with Rey in the movies but I can’t imagine it won’t be touched on here at some point. Especially considering Filoni’s involvement.

Life Day

This was actually mentioned by the bounty in the first episode and could be super fun. Dry staid Mando can round up Cara and Greef and visit a Life Day celebration with the kid all the while looking for information.

We could get singing, food, culture it’s a great episode for Easter eggs and maybe drop some faces here and there in the crowd… 🙂

Stories/History Presented in the Galaxy

Well I know that’s somewhat vague but I couldn’t figure out a good way to say I’d love to see some presentation of story-telling throughout the galaxy and as Mando will I suppose be doing a lot of research into the past… it could definitely happen.

A lot of people were bothered by the Jedi seemingly being forgotten or passing to stories so quickly but that could be dealt with in the second and coming seasons. How does a whole galaxy hear and tell their stories?

So not a short wishlist by any means but hopefully some of it happens and we at least get a trailer soon to get some ideas!

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