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A New New Mutants Trailer…Again

Disney released a new New Mutants trailer today!

And while it could mean nothing with movie dates still so up in the air and this one long delayed I have to admit I’m feeling a little hopeful…

The movie is scheduled for August 28th though I’m not seeing that date on the trailer. It’s pushing their Comic-Con at Home panel on July 23rd.

I can’t say I feel like Disney or Marvel really care about this often delayed Fox film (and the tag line Nothing Can Stop These Mutants is a little ironic) so maybe even if they decide to move Mulan again this will be the sacrificial lamb on August 28th no matter what.

Or maybe they will announce it will stream?

Disney+ cannot compete right now with Netflix’s endless original content (whether its good or bad) and Hamilton was a huge boon for them plus they did put Days of Future Past on the service this month so who knows?

It’s also possible that with my state in complete flux as well as my job I’m just happy about any new trailer with Anya as an added bonus of course! Anyway here’s the Comic Con at home schedule as it stands right now.

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