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Somewhat Possible Dream Bookish Events

Super Girl handles the books

Today’s Top 10 Tuesday is the Bookish Events you long to go to…

And yeah mine are mostly impossible but let’s loosely define things here. Besides what’s reading about these things without dreaming right?

An Arkham Asylum Break Out

With Harley and Ivy naturally.

A Wedding in Westeros

Eventually one is going to go right.

Camping with the Lumberjanes

And we can turn this into a bookish event by making it graphic novel style.

Writing Class with the Punjabi Widows

Because once everyone loosened up this might have been the most fun writing classes ever real or otherwise.

A Hogwarts Feast

I mean it was a school so there definitely would have been books at the feasts…

Space Travel with Murderbot and ART

Maybe we can travel to some space based book festival?

Edinburgh International Book Festival/ ALA Event

Oh look, reality!

A 7 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle Style Murder Mystery

I mean this could easily be done. It’s basically a murder mystery weekend with a twist.

Bilbo Baggin’s Birthday Party

Totally counts as a book event.

Monster Hunting with the Witcher

It’s an event. It happens in the books. Therefore it’s a bookish event.

Okay, I know I’m reaching but I mean they could set something up here easily to promote the show…

Maybe as a new career I could start a Book Based Event Planning Company? I just need Henry Cavill 🙂

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