Looking Forward: Keanu’s Comic

keanu reeves as john wick

So apparently Keanu Reeves co-wrote a comic.

Whose main character bears a resemblance to him and you don’t really need to tell me more I’m in for the book and the sure to come film adaptation!

The comic is called BRZRKR and is about the violent immortal son of a war God trying to make peace and end his life. Like I said I only want nice things for Keanu so I’ll give this a go. Also his Comic-Con panels for Bill and Ted and Constantine were adorable! Check them out if you get the chance.

BRZRKR will be out in October.

And speaking of Bill and Ted if you haven’t heard it will be in whatever theaters it can and PVOD on September 1st.

Which is I think the best plan for it and many other movies these days but Hollywood doesn’t listen to me!

Speaking of books Rebecca Roanhorse’s upcoming fantasy is getting a lot of buzz:

It’s inspired by pre-Columbian Native myths and involves matriarchal clans…that’s about as much as Goodreads says and I’m not going looking for more because if I learned anything from Taylor it’s unspoiled is better.

Black Sun will be available on October 13th.

And speaking of October (4th) anyway The Walking Dead will finally grace us with their COVID postponed finale.

princess from the walking dead

Which they didn’t outright cop to holding it as a lead in for the spin-off but that’s what they did. As usual good work AMC.

I may or may not watch this. I had big issues with last season (I say that every season) but either way the scheduling is very bumpy right now. Per the panel don’t expect a full season until next October. There’s supposed to be an extra 6 episodes to this season at some point whenever it’s safe to go back.

But they didn’t say anything about what those episodes would be so if they drop a cliffhanger (which I’d bet they will) and I tune into Here’s Negan or Here’s Where Maggie’s been and have to wait super long for a resolution I’ll be pissed.

I’d rather let it disappoint as a binge watch 🙂

Anyway at least we have Keanu goodness to look forward to!

2 thoughts on “Looking Forward: Keanu’s Comic

  1. The way Keanu said, “but how you doing?” How does he manage to stay cute whatever he does? I need him to come and ruin my life. Except he won’t because that’s Keanu.

    I stopped watching after they killed Glenn. I know they’re following the comic series, but that was the end of it for me. I was sickened.

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