Death’s Retirement in Reaper Man

Reaper Man

Reaper Man

By: Terry Pratchett

I finally got to Reaper Man in Discworld a story in which Death is forcibly retired and goes to work on a farm- one I knew I would like because I like Death…

And the damned trolleys had me so confused!

Don’t get me wrong this was still a good Discworld but like so many other things in Discworld it was the damned wizard part that confused it. So once Death gets retired you have this one old wizard whose like 130 and he dies and then comes back cause no one picks him up.

We even get like a rights group for the undead which is so Discworld and the Wizard University is all aflutter even the Librarian was a bit off in this one. They keep trying to finish their dead co-worker off and there are trolleys coming to life and then other things kept coming to life that shouldn’t have been and there was some weird bit with sales and what I think was a mall with a Queen Bee.

Like I said I enjoyed the book overall and the stuff with Death is actually really deep and meaningful. In some ways I’ve found this the most meaningful Discworld book yet which is probably why the comedy felt so off for the first time.

Though I suppose if you aren’t a little lost in Discworld it’s not worth the trip! I finally felt like I imagined a citizen would feel 🙂

(Also am I losing it or wasn’t there an episode of Xena where Death is kidnapped (not retired) and the same things start happening?)

Second aside but if they really are making Discworld movies I think Keanu Reeves would be a first rate Death!

It does come together in the end save for the mall area or wherever they were supposed to be and Death definitely remains one of Discworld’s best and brightest characters. This does work as a stand alone to the series as well although I can’t imagine how off the tone might feel if you’re a Discworld first timer!

Recommend: Yes.

I’m still really enjoying the series and am most definitely going to continue it. I actually feel like Pratchett could just be hitting his Discworld stride here. Though it would be nice to see my favorite Luggage again already 🙂

4 thoughts on “Death’s Retirement in Reaper Man

  1. Haha…I think you are right about that episode of Xena! I have the entire series on dvd (a bit of a guilty pleasure I guess) so I would have to look it up, but yeah that episode does ring a bell. The discworld saga is on my to read list, but like so many things on that list…I have yet to start with reading even one book from it. Great post as always😊

    1. I used to have the DVD’s I don’t remember what the heck I did with them like so many things just lost with times and moves I guess! But I remember a story from somewhere of death getting tricked and captured and all the rest I just can’t quite place it!

  2. I don’t remember that Xena episode. I may look it up.

    Many years ago, this was my first Pratchett book. I got it and subsequently many more through ‘Science Fiction Book Club’. It’s been long enough to rate a re-read. {I don’t remember the Bee Mall.}

    Happy Trails!

    1. I don’t even know if it was supposed to be a mall??? I just assumed cause there was a bunch of fliers for sales. If you ever reread let me know!

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