Fable: Been There, Read That



By: Adrienne Young

I suppose I should preface this by saying 1. I did like the book while reading it or at least didn’t find anything particularly bad about it.

2. I probably wouldn’t write a review if this wasn’t an ARC.

And speaking of thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for a copy of said arc.

Fable is about a young girl who was deserted by her father on a dangerous island left to fend for herself and told if she could find a way off the island and back to him he’d give her what she was due.

Father is a famous pirate and Fable can hear the gems sing to her like her mother. (This seems like it would be important for a pirate but he ditches her like she was yesterdays news. I don’t get it but I guess we need a start to the book.)

Anyway Fable has been trading with handsome young West and his crew and winds up hitching a ride back to what passes for civilization with them and… ADVENTURE. DANGER. SECRETS.

Like I said I liked the book but it still feels very been there done that in book world. I’ve seen these characters before and I didn’t really feel anything from them other than the fact that with a name like Fable I was hoping for something more. Something I don’t know? Story like? Fairy tales?

I think the other thing with this book though it’s the start of a series and ends on a pretty big cliffhanger and I found myself more annoyed than anything else because I didn’t care.

Like I said Fable isn’t a bad book it’s just… like a ride at Disneyland. Like Pirates or Splash Mountain on a hot summers day. You’re out of the sun, might get a nice bit of relief in a dark wet ride but you don’t care about the animatronics and you’ll likely forget about it by the time you get a Dole Whip and damn it I want to go to Disneyland!

Recommend: Eh.

I do really love the cover though.

7 thoughts on “Fable: Been There, Read That

  1. I was kind of wondering about the names to – why give characters such names as Saint, Fable, West, etc… and they not mean anything. I wanted the names to reflect something about them.

    1. I was thinking Saint especially is an interesting one. Considering he ditched his daughter that’s not what I’d call him but I suppose he could be worse and then by the end I was realizing I was overthinking it by a lot!

  2. Well, this certainly sounds like one of those been there, done that books, so I know what you mean. That said, that doesn’t always have to be a bad thing, and am glad you enjoyed it at least some of it. But like you say at the recommended space of your post: eh 😊

  3. Ah, that’s exactly how I felt about Caraval. Honestly, I’m tired of YA fantasy again, it hardly ever seems to be any good. Fun is fine, I guess, but I’m looking for more these days.

  4. OH SHOOT! I was really looking forward to this one – BECAUSE OF THE COVER xD – but I TOTALLY understand your ”MEH” feelings towards this one – this does sound a bit TOO familiar and without something UNIQUE to make it (even just a liiiiiittle bit) memorable, apart from the cliffhanger, I suppose?

    Still, I REALLY enjoyed reading your thoughts on it, Gemma. AS ALWAYS, AWESOME REVIEW! 😉 <3

    1. Well speaking as someone whose gone for plenty of books due to the cover… it would look pretty sitting facing out on a bookshelf!

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