3 Best Disney Live-Action Remakes

The Princess Edition:

So as we head into Friday’s Mulan opening I thought I’d do a ranking of the Best Disney Princess Live-Action Remakes so far but…

When I really tried to rank them, much as I might enjoy the idea of them, they all kind of run together. Even if they all are really entertaining at the time only 3 really stood out to me so that made a Top 3 a lot easier.


I remember watching this being surprised. I have no great love for Sleeping Beauty but I did love what they did with the relationship between Maleficent and Aurora- that was a nice like twist on the tale.

While at the same time the story with Stefan and Maleficent somehow puts this as the darkest of the remakes so far. I liked Elle Fanning as Aurora in both movies and she looks the part but I think perhaps the smartest thing they did was increase her role (through Maleficent) and give the bulk of the story to the more interesting character.


I am not the most romantically inclined of people and this, to me, is the most romantic of all the movies so its a measure to how much I enjoyed it. I also do recognize it’s probably close to the closest of the originals but I think it’s perfectly cast (Lily James, Richard Madden and Cate Blanchett all kill the 3 main roles.)

Plus I think it’s just gorgeous in terms of the look, the costumes (ugh poor Lily James might have had to worn a corset but she still stands above Belle’s famous dress in Beauty and the Beast!), the music.

To me it actually does come closest to capturing the idea of fairy tale brought to life.

Maleficent 2: Mistress of Evil

Okay so these have always been more Maleficent’s movies but it’s about the look to and Elle Fanning does look the part of Aurora (even if I did seriously wonder for a bit in this movie why she got to stay Queen of the Moors) and also that wedding dress changing color!

Plus the whole look of the Moors and the city and the castle battle even! Part of a fairy tale is actually looking like one and this is another that succeeds in spades.

I love the relationship between Aurora and Maleficent. Plus it has Michelle Pfeiffer and Angelina Jolie basically waging war on each other. It’s number one to me even with some flaws!

So I’m trying not to get my expectations to high but I think Mulan could crack the top 3 this weekend! Either way I’m just glad I’ll get to see it ๐Ÿ™‚