WW1984 Rumors & a Dune Trailer!

So there are rumors now that Wonder Woman 1984 is going to be pushed to December pushing Dune into 2021 and I have some thoughts about that one. There’s also been mention of Black Widow being pushed but that doesn’t seem nearly as loud rumor wise yet.

It looks like the delay for this movie, if they do it, is mostly because should New York and LA be able to open they don’t want it to compete with their precious Tenet.

Tenet opened domestically at long last over this weekend and made about $20 million and that wasn’t actually just the 3 or 4 day but nearly a week of previews as well.

I have to be honest I’m already kind of over Tenet. I was spoiled by the international reviews and honestly the mixed reviews have put me off as well. Honestly if I had the choice there wouldn’t even be one I’ve been waiting for Wonder Woman 1984.

Gal Gadot as Diana Prince in Wonder Woman 1984

Tenet is a done deal. By then it would have been out for ages and considering I don’t particularly appreciate movies where people say oh, you have to watch it twice to understand it ugh. I swear Tenet and Warner Brothers are turning me bitter over this one. Not the least of which they released a killer trailer of the lovely Rebecca Ferguson, Jason having a good time and Oscar Isaac and his beautiful beard…

Also known as Dune.

So obviously Christopher Nolan has pictures of someone at Warner.

Well maybe. More likely their trying to change people’s viewing habits going back to when movies used to be in theaters endlessly and there were overall less films to compete with. It’s not the worst idea in the world but damn it you can’t change people all at once. I’ve been patient all year.

I mean for fuck’s sake you’re basically competing with yourself until Black Widow anyway.

Make sure to check out the awesome Dune trailer and cross your fingers will see the film sometime soon!