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I always see a lot of tips on how to read more and beat reading slumps. But I think strong reasoning is the best motivation for anything so here are some of the reasons it’s a good idea to try to read more.

Some of them people might not want to admit but as a long time big reader… I can vouch for all of them.

Avoid People

This is best to do with audio books (because conversely I’ve found reading physical books in public is like a big old conversation starter) you don’t want to deal with your co-workers in the break room… Audio books. Waiting for a ride… stick in the old headphones that way no one will make conversation with you.

And should someone really want to talk to you and you can’t avoid them you can always blame it on the book when they race up to you and grab you, “Oh, oh sorry. I was so engrossed in this book.”

Belle's New Book

It also works at family events and makes a nice excuse. I’m just going to duck away and finish this amazing book! Be right back. (In as long as possible!)

*Yes this is true of music but since this is about reading more I’m assuming you’d put books on instead of music.

Weeding People Out

Stranger in a cafe: What are you reading?

Me: It’s an Alice in Wonderland retelling.

Stranger: Oh yeah, she’s hot.

Me (to myself): I wonder if he means the cartoon version or Mia or just Alice… actually it doesn’t matter.

Me: I’m going to go now.


To be fair it can also weed you out for people…

Former Co-Worker: Oh what are you reading? A Song of Ice and Fire? Oh my God! Isn’t Game of Thrones the best show ever????

Me: I’m sorry I never do this but no, no it is not and now let me tell you in detail why you’re wrong about that.

Surprisingly transferable skills

Books are great ways to learn about people and to develop empathy and while I know in my heart I’ll never need to survive on Mars (though I’d totally be willing to go) this Spring I did use some low-grade Hunger Games survival skills to get toilet paper at my local Target.

Always be learning?

Always be reading.

hunger games


If you feel like you’re indecisive about things this isn’t necessarily bad when it comes to reading…

Just read everything! It’s one of the rare places where that works out. I mean you’ll never finish anything and it’s frustrating in and of itself but it still means you’ll be reading more. And who knows? Maybe you’ll get better at making choices and sticking with them, at least for the length of a book.

There are plenty of other reasons like procrastination, because there’s nothing worth watching, and unlike other hobbies (like sewing or knitting for instance no one is going to expect anything out of it) but I think the truest tip I’ve ever heard is don’t stress over it.

And don’t panic over reading slumps either. There’s no right or wrong amount to read. Besides reading is like the ideal version of true love. You’ll always find your way back to each other.

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  1. I specially love the « avoiding people » one! 😂
    Although this does not work on my mother whatsoever.. wether I have a book in my hands, or earphones on.. nope- she don’t care and WILL try to talk to me anyway 😂🤦🏽‍♀️ (or you know, yell it across the house ahah)

  2. Lol…this was too funny. Gotta remember these tips! You are so right about reading slumps though. No real need to get obsessed about how many books is a right or wrong amount. Just read what you like and enjoy!😊

  3. Nice post! I totally agree on the avoiding people point as I have done it myself. I used to keep a book with myself all the time when schools were actually open and when none of my friends were anywhere near me, I would just pick my book up! I wouldn’t get bored and I didn’t need to make unnecessary conversation.

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