Renewed! News And Some Rambling…

Harley and Ivy in the Harley Quinn Show

Just a couple of days after I whined about only negotiations happening Harley Quinn is renewed for season 3!

Is it just me or does it feel like despite the movies moving there’s been really good news recently at least out of DC and Marvel? 🙂

Anyway needless to say I’m am psyched we’ll see all our favorite Gothamites back and a certain relationship play out now!!! Hopefully this show will continue to build and we’ll get a Gotham City Sirens…

With these writers Warner Brothers.

And of course it was noted that Disney+ coming the rest of the year advertisement had Wandavision. Which in and of itself might not get me hopeful but it didn’t have Falcon and Winter Soldier so I’d say that’s a good sign. There’s a lot of speculation there’s something in Black Widow that has to go before Falcon but considering there was supposed to be two movies and a show before Wandavision I’m excited she’s going to get to introduce the next phase!

Wanda Maximoff in Wandavision

Maybe I should write that I need a million dollars or the economy to pick back up and that would actually happen to 🙂

I really haven’t meant it to be an all news week it’s just every time I set down to right a review right now I blank and start thinking gee will Captain Marvel get to be friends with Jennifer Walters and Jessica Drew in the movies or hey why don’t I dream cast House of the Dragons?

Productively (or not depending on your POV) I have started reading Dune which considering this book is huge and was always on my Monster Books I was Worried about Reading List I’m surprised how easy it reads and how fast (knock on wood) if it keeps up I can definitely see myself sticking with the series. Fingers crossed.

If you’ve ever read Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh (and you should) were getting a new book after years and a couple of push backs on the September 22nd!

I reread Hyperbole recently and enjoyed it all over again and I know the authors been through some stuff in the last couple of years on top of her mental health and as someone who her stuff has always spoken to it’s nice to see the new book come out. I’m definitely going to be picking it up.

Plus we’re just a few days away (Sept 23rd) from Enola Holmes on Netflix and what’s got to be the hottest Sherlock and Mycroft ever.

And then of course headed right into big new releases from Naomi Novik and Victoria Schwab so at least a couple weeks of good entertainment ahead!

Hopefully everyone has a great weekend!

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