A New Bond? And Spontaneous Combustion

Movie land has been rife with stories that Tom Hardy is a done deal for the next James Bond which seems somehow like it’s both a great and weird and unimaginative choice at the same time I can’t reconcile that one in my head yet.

But let’s be honest I made it through the Revenant for this man. I watched him read children’s stories (more times than I want to admit) so I will happily take two hours and a couple of movies with him as Bond if that’s the case.

Although I think he’d make a better baddie. And I do wonder if it is him (if) that means Nolan is finally going to get his Bond film?

Whether true or not it’s not as strange as Tom Cruise playing alternate Iron Man in the Doctor Strange and the Multi-Verse of Madness movie.

tom cruise as ethan hunt

But honestly the more I think about it if they go with a true alternate Avengers team that would be fascinating to watch! And he wouldn’t be bad. It would be nice to see Cruise do something different than his death defying Mission Impossible act but who knows if that will work out.

Lastly I completely missed the trailer for Spontaneous. It’s actually coming out in theaters on October 2nd but will be available on PVOD a couple of days later on the 6th if you don’t want to hit the theaters. I read the book a couple years back and really enjoyed it. A different coming of age story and I’m definitely going to check out the film…


  1. I agree with you about Tom Hardy being better suited to play a villain than Bond himself. But well, I guess if the rumors are true we will have to wait and see how this one plays out.
    Cruise as Iron Man could be interesting…no idea if it will work, but we’ll see I guess. He’s certainly got the talent for it, but he of course has some big shoes to fill🤔

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    • I think I’m more accepting if it’s going to be a completely different Avengers team. Strange only ever knew Peter, Tony and Thor so it will be interesting to see how he interacts with different actors.

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  2. Hmm not sure on Tom Hardy as James Bond. I feel they could go for a different take, though I won’t judge until I see a finished film.

    As for Christopher Nolan – I feel as though Tenet is his Bond film.

    Thank you for bringing SPONTANEOUS to my attention, may view that!

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