The Silence of Bones

The Silence of Bones

The Silence of Bones

By: June Hur

So for some reason I had it in my head the MC could talk to dead people or read there bones. Yeah don’t know where that came from. It’s not the case but it’s still a first rate mystery and great overall read.

Even without the talking to dead people part.

The book takes place in 1800 Joseon (now Korea) so right there I was in a different element and learning something new. I’m going to have to assume the history is well done as I don’t know anything about it but there was nothing glaring.

Anyway Seol is a young girl indentured to the police bureau. They use the women servants when their are women victims because the men aren’t supposed to touch them or even go through their things which is how Seol gets involved in the investigation of a murdered and mutilated noblewoman.

We find out to that Seol is in the city to search for her long missing brother. She’s got a knack for investigation (and eavesdropping which even she admits) and becomes a bit of a favorite of the lead Inspector which becomes a problem when he becomes the suspect in the killings.

I liked Seol she’s a strong, likable main character and believable in what she’s doing. I think the mystery was nice and deep to as it came to encompasses the religious persecution and unrest of the time period. Plus when the stuff comes out about the inspector it’s all reasonable so you participate in Seol’s worry and confusion.

I also liked the underlying story of vengeance being personally destructive and at the same time impossible to let go of for some.

Over all Silence of the Bones was just a nice mystery made even stronger by a setting and time period that’s not the usual I’d read about. I look forward to reading more of this authors work and actually I’m kind of bummed her next book isn’t out until next Spring!

On a scary Halloween level: I wouldn’t say it was frightening but it had some generally tense and action filled moments especially toward the end.

Recommend: Yes.

Even if she doesn’t actually talk to dead people!

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