I Finally Watched Alien!


Directed By: Ridley Scott

I’m not a complete newbie to the world. I have seen Prometheus (it was fine) and Covenant (I was annoyed) and the best scene in Spaceballs! But I’ve never seen the first 3 films and I must admit when I hit play I felt a rush of excitement to finally be watching.

Spoilers ahead!

Having seen the xenomorph so much without ever having seen the film it loses a little of the kick I must admit. There’s a part of me that wishes I could time travel back to 79 just to sit in the theaters and see it for the first time. Same with Empire Strikes Back.

Are there any great twists today? Are there any new things?

Anyway, I’m sad now.

So of course Alien is about Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) and the crew of the Nostromo whose ship wakes them up from deep sleep after picking up a distress call. While scouting they pick up a face hugger which in turns impregnates that poor dude and becomes the big screaming alien of our nightmares.

But he didn’t hurt the cat which was by far the most important thing to me. So the alien and I are actually kind of good in this one. I love the theory that the cat was helping it. I’ve had a few wonderful cats in my day… that would totally sell me out to an alien killer.

I did appreciate the performances and the fact this felt old school. It was tense instead of being some bloody, gory shlock fest.

That being said I honestly felt the creepiest damned thing in the film was Ash (and excellent performance by Ian Holm) I knew that he had been an AI but I don’t think I was ever spoiled on the fact that the crew themselves didn’t know so that stuff was really well done. His fight with Ripley and the interrogation with his head nearly off…

Also loved, loved his last line after he admitted he and the company had sacrificed them and he can’t tell them the odds but, “You have my sympathies.” So well done!

Him and the actual bits with the face hugger where they talked about how it was down his throat but keeping him breathing and trying to cut it off but it was made of the acid… (that honestly looked a bit like the green stuff Steve and Dustin found in Stranger Things last season) burned through the ship.

Just shoot me if that ever happens because I can’t believe anyone would think oh yeah, they’ll be okay after it just lets go all the sudden.

Anyway Alien didn’t scare me in the ways I thought it might have but other ways and it was a ton of fun to finally watch it. I’m looking forward to Aliens especially since so many people seem to think that’s the rare sequel that’s better.

Recommend: Yes!

And long live Jonesy!

4 thoughts on “I Finally Watched Alien!

  1. I’ve always loved the Alien films. The first one is a slow dreadfest, not like the huge action of Aliens, but I love it. They’re all great in their own way.

  2. I’ve always been a huge fan of anything Alien, and this really is a classic indeed. Granted it’s not as scary anymore as it was back in the day, and I agree with you Ash is infinitely more creepy😊 That said, Aliens for me is also the better film. It will be interesting to hear your thoughts on it!😀

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