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Blogging Confessions: Fear

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In all my Halloween Fall reading meant to scare me I haven’t read a book that’s done it yet. I haven’t found what I’m looking for yet I know that book exists…

And I don’t mean that metaphorically.

I know it. I own it.

I’m just to chicken to read it because when I get down to it I have many fears and anxieties but one takes the cake and it’s one you tend to run into a lot…

So this author had been on my list for a long time when I saw this very well-reviewed book go down to $1.99 on Kindle (I’ve since read another book by him that is much more suited to me) I hit purchase without thinking about it!

A well reviewed sci-fi by an author I want to read!

So what’s it about? Why does it both call to me and repel me (maybe all the best books should?) Don’t read on if you don’t want to know who the antagonist of the book are… or maybe what they are? Although even if you read any of the first page Goodreads reviews, which I really should have done, you would know!









It’s giant sentient spiders.

I’ve heard the spiders are sympathetic but I’m not sure that makes it better. I mean I have read books about things that scare me before but in kind of this abstract term…

This chic was buried alive. Which scares the hell out of me yet I pretty much know the likelihood of that happening is oh, not that great. I can’t even deal with the little spiders. I’m also afraid of being poisoned (purposefully and accidentally) yet I read and watched Sharp Objects.

And sometimes I want art to get under my skin. Sometimes I want it to scare me. It’s a test of limits? Or maybe I just get bored and want a higher stakes story? I don’t know the answer to that one. Probably both.

I’m scared of dying in a car accident to (this is a true confessional post here) but I’ve read about them and watched with little too no problem. Not big on heights either but… well I don’t think books really do heights well but there have definitely been shots in movies that freaked me out.

Even when Batman or Spiderman are standing on a roof overlooking the city it will make my heart jump.

We can face our fears in books and movies and have a little fun with them part of me knows that every time my hand hovers on that book. But the other part of me thinks Children of Time is going to stay unread. I want to be scared but sentient spiders may be a step too far…

But never say never. My mother likes to point out that when I was a kid I willingly watched Arachnophobia- a movie I won’t even watch the trailer for now but can still vividly remember one of the… ugh tarantulas (don’t even like typing it) crawling out of a dead guys nose decades later.

Hm… now I wonder what came first. The movie or the fear?

But if anyone’s read Children of Time and thinks a girl with a true fear of spiders can manage it please let me know!

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