The Messy Entertaining Boys

So I actually took some notes on The Boys season 2 finale and the season overall and while I enjoyed it like crazy while watching it I was also kind of surprised how many nitpicks I had. Which I’m going to get out of the way first because I still think this is a great entertaining as hell show.

It just got a little too much.

Spoilers of course!

I felt like season 2 moved too fast. Big stories needed time to breath. I also think at times they were trying so hard to be edgy you could feel it. (I mean did we really need not one but 2 Homelander/Stormfront sex scenes? Great actors but I didn’t feel like they sold the relationship. I thought his relationship with Madelyn got character points across better and didn’t waste the time.)

The Deep… I mean the guy is entertaining and I was with feeling his story waiting to see where it went. It didn’t go anywhere for him.

Lamplighter could have been around longer.

And I think this lead to some weird pacing things and coincidences that didn’t quite work. Why did Stormfront fly all the way back to New York just too look at some memes when she had her phone? So Maeve could follow her back and join the fight. Except yeah Maeve shouldn’t have made it in time by any stretch so why have the little nasty moment with her, Annie and Hughie at the beginning and have her not just try to help them? Stuff like that bugged I have to be honest.

I also think a lot of stuff was awkwardly them trying to be so on the nose it lacked nuance and the odd conversation between Hughie and Annie in the car where we find out his mother’s not dead she left with no explanation I kind of rolled my eyes I admit. It seemed out of place and was obvious they were just hanging a missing mother on the wall. I mean she’s got to be a super right?

I also really didn’t like that Starlight went back to the Seven! I mean there’s a lot that could be explained next season but that one doesn’t make sense to me now and seems out of character.

But on the good side the acting on the show is still some of the best of television. I’m sorry any Emmy discussion without Antony Starr isn’t really one- so just let him be the new Wolverine already.

Karen Fukuhara for me was the MVP of the season. Loved everything they did with Kimiko and her relationship with Frenchie is one of my favorite on television. The fight between her, her brother and Stormfront was probably my favorite and at the same time the most disturbing action set piece since the plane.

Nice that the brought some consequences back from that to!

I also enjoyed MM calling Hughie Butcher’s canary. I like the idea but then man did they drive that home with a sledgehammer for the rest of the season!

I also didn’t see the true identity of the head popper coming. (Not sure it works but I guess that remains to be seen next season.) I also was nearly sobbing over Becca and Ryan. I do hope we see the kid again and that he’s as good as his mother told Butcher he was. The stuff with Lamplighter/Frenchie/Mallory and the fate of her grandchildren was really well done as well (but needed more time!)

There’s so much to discuss with the Boys I could probably write an essay so I’ll just leave it with two controversial statements.

  1. I don’t even watch that much of the behind the scenes promotional material and I am already sick to death of Jensen Ackles and Soldier Boy. I like him as an actor actually and I know he and Eric Kripke are friends but I hope their more reasonable with the actual character cause I’m already worried.
  2. I like the weekly release schedule. I think it helped me from even getting accidentally spoiled which made the show more fun and it’s fun to speculate and talk about with people as it airs. I hope they continue to do this with all the shows.

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  1. I thought the head popper was going to be Linda(?) the bald lady who escaped the facility. She got control of a car and we never saw where she went.

    1. She’s a wildcard for next season I suppose. But I definitely think we’ll see her again. Maybe she’ll team up with The Deep or something? 🙂

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