Mostly Happy Upcoming Events

I’m going to ignore the Tatiana Maslany news in order to keep all upcoming news happy this week! Besides several people have reminded me that Marvel can be super weird and she might not be able to confirm her casting until there’s an official announcement. So I’m still crossing fingers there…

Only one thing of book news but the Lady Janie’s are moving onto the Mary’s now-

The first book will be about Mary Queen of Scots, next year and followed by Marie Curie and Mary Mellon (Typhoid Mary) so I’m excited all over again! I do think the first is likely to be my favorite though 🙂

Back to movies Promising Young Woman one of my most anticipated of the year which should have been released in freaking April has a new date. We’ll get it Christmas Day now! And I do think it will stick because apparently it’s being distributed by Universal which can exercise their 17 day and to streaming. It’s crazy to think if 2020 hadn’t gone so completely off the rails we’d probably have this on streaming already. (And Black Widow and Bond, etc.)

Soul has moved to Christmas Day streaming on Disney+. They leaned their lesson though and aren’t charging subscribers anything extra. Plus I think the second trailer was a lot better than the first.

Anya Taylor-Joy has been confirmed for the new Furiousa movie. Reactions are mixed on this. I think if Miller’s smart he’s got to find a way to get Charlize in the film. Have her telling her story. Whatever. I’m strangely more excited to see what Chris Hemsworth’s role is going to be.

Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins are going to make a Cleopatra movie. Reactions to this are even more unhappy. I haven’t read anything about Cleopatra in a while but I remember reading she was actually quiet unattractive and really vain so I think she’d be thrilled Wonder Woman is playing her. But I think they should really do a behind the scenes of the Taylor/Burton Cleopatra. Daniel Craig could make a great Burton.

Actually I think Hayley Atwell would make a great Elizabeth Taylor but she’s currently Tom Cruise’s prisoner on Mission Impossible.

If only Hollywood listened to me 🙂

Oh and lastly… witches! We got a trailer for A Discovery of Witches season 2 which is the based on my favorite book in the series. That being said, and to be perfectly blunt, they better not skimp on the sex this season. It will be on Sky One January 8th for the lucky people who get Sky… and I have until then to figure out how to!

3 thoughts on “Mostly Happy Upcoming Events

  1. The reason Furiosa’s character was so cool was because of Charlize. I don’t know if it will work replacing her with another actress, even if this is a prequel. It might still be a fun film, but I don’t know, I have mixed feelings about it🤔🤔

    1. Even in the trailer she goes so flawlessly between potential innocent victim to in complete control. She’s pretty much 85% of my excitement to see her complete performance!

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