Love and Monsters

Love and Monsters

Directed By: Michael Matthews

Boy the Dog is going to be hard to top on my year end list for Best Character, Smartest Character in a Movie, Best Doggie, Best Actor. Baby Yoda might be runner up for best sidekick this year!

Yes I really loved the dog 🙂

It’s also strange how much I enjoyed this sweet and sincere post-apocalyptic movie where the world is overrun by giant mutated bugs and other creatures (cockroaches, ants, frogs.) It’s about Joel (Dylan O’Brien who is damed good and really could have been Spiderman) who’s been in a bunker for the past seven years when he hears the voice of his girlfriend on the radio and decides to make the 7 day incredibly dangerous journey to find her again.

FYI girlfriend is the awesome Jessica Henwick whose not just a MacGuffin either but actually a great character on her own and why hasn’t she broken out yet?

Along the way Joel learns about and draws the monsters. He meets friends including Michael Rooker (and really is there anyone better to teach you survival? Confession I would trade Bat Boy in a heartbeat to get Merle Dixon back on the Walking Dead!) He also has a granddaughter who gets the most honest line in any movie ever, “I only like you cause you’ve got a cool dog.”

I’ve been there.

The monsters actually look really good. The world is fun. There’s a heartstring tugging scene with a robot that was honestly lovely. And dare I say I cared about these characters so the tension was there as well!

I can nitpick and say Joel was a bit annoying in the beginning but I think he was supposed to be you know? Character growth. He was always believable. And maybe some people won’t like the end but I loved it.

I mean honestly Love and Monsters is a great surprise and one of the most enjoyable films I’ve watched all year.

Recommend: Yes.

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  1. Well, this certainly sounds totally like my kind of movie! I had seen the trailer of this one, that already made me interested for it, but after reading this, I’m even more curious. Great post!😀

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