Dash and Lily Gets A Trailer

We got a trailer for Dash and Lily!

Which naturally immediately made me wonder about the Six of Crows trailer… No, I really loved Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares and I’m actually looking forward to this one.

It’s corny but it’s a sweet holiday read involving a book store and Christmas cheer and that’s about what I’m looking for in anything this year. I would say stay away from the second though I disliked that one a lot and it loses a lot of the sweetness.

The film hits November 10th!

3 thoughts on “Dash and Lily Gets A Trailer

  1. i’m totally being overdramatic, but i legit teared up at this trailer, hahah. i haven’t even read dash & lily, but so many of the scenarios from the trailer & teaser, i actually had the chance to visit in 2018, when i went to nyc. because i went around christmas, a lot of the places had the exact same decorations. i also visited strand, which apparently is a big location for the story, so it definitely made me feel extra nostalgic. i was surprised to learn it’s going to be a show not a movie. we definitely don’t get many holiday themed series, so i hope it’s the first one of many!

    1. It’s sad right after I saw this trailer the Strand tweeted out that they had lost so much business they didn’t think they’d make it the next couple of months but it looks like people rallied over the weekend so fingers crossed 🙂 I still hope to get to New York one day and the Strand is high on the bucket list!

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