I Want To Believe: The Phenomenon

The Phenomenon

Directed By: James Fox

I like aliens. And frankly if they wanted to overtake my government at this point I’d be more than happy to swear my allegiance but that’s a whole other story.

Anyway once I saw this documentary I knew I had to watch. Make a believer out of me.

The documentary covers and array of alien sightings from the late forties through around 2005 and then goes into a bit about the investigative team Senator Harry Reid set up in 2008 in order to find the truth.

What fascinates me is some of the older stuff and the tendency for these sightings to be specifically around military bases storing nuclear weapons.

I don’t know you could say it was a country recovering from World War II needing it’s next things or you could say it was the aliens keeping an eye on and warning us.

There’s also an interesting story at the end about a group of school children who en masse claim a visitation at their school and the alien was warning them about technology and the future of our planet (I agree) I’m just not sure I completely buy it. Which is the whole thing with the aliens…

I want to believe there’s something out there and The Phenomenon has a lot of interesting info and a lot of people who do think there is. I’m just not sure.

If they were ever here though they’ve either decided we’re pointless or have given up on us. Which is even sadder (though I can’t say I disagree with them there either.) Either way if you’re into the aliens or just want a fun documentary to talk about that probably won’t be as charged and lead to yelling like some others give The Phenomenon a go.

Maybe you’ll believe?

I mean for me the biggest problem is I suddenly want to rewatch The X-Files.

Recommend: Yes. If you’re into aliens and documentaries give it a go!

2 thoughts on “I Want To Believe: The Phenomenon

  1. Haha…that was the first thing that came up in my mind when I saw this post: the X-files. Funny thing is that I am in the middle of watching that😂
    Eh, I’ve always believed in alien life. I mean with so many millions of planets out there, for me it’s too hard to believe that we are the only ones out there. That’s what HARD to believe😀

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