No This Wasn’t the First


Directed By: James Cameron


So since Disney owns Fox now that kind of makes Ripley a Princess right? I mean they even call her Sleeping Beauty in this and she does have some of the story traits including a seemingly happy ending.

I say seemingly because somehow after Scott and Cameron kept things pretty upbeat on the ending something happened I don’t know the 90’s, Fincher, some say studio interference and it all went to hell immediately in 3.

Which I am just going to let 3 and resurrection go with the wind and tell myself Ripley, her daughter, her boyfriend and her friendly robot all made it back reunited with Jonesy the 70 year old cat and lived happily ever after.

But onto Aliens which I finally watched.

Confession when I was younger, and not that young, I was convinced this was the original Aliens movie. You could have knocked me over with a face hugger when I heard nope Ridley Scott directed the original just take off the S.

Anyway Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) and her cat are saved from deep sleep about 6 decades after the fact by Paul Reiser and while she’s not believed for a little while about what happened the colony that they sent to terraform the planet helpfully goes silent and disappears in that time so it’s back to hell for Ripley this time with a team of Marines including Michael Biehn and baby Bill Paxton.

And also a highly unfortunate and unnecessary case of brown face in the other main prominent female soldier.

Ripley immediately replaces her cat with a shiny new daughter called Newt (Carrie Henn) and I must admit the kid really grew on me as the movie went on (which makes the 3 spoilers even more annoying) she also flirts a bit with Biehn’s character.

Because really why wouldn’t he be major into her? Especially after she saved the whole teams life.

Unfortunately the colonists made lovely incubators for the xenomorph’s who have a gross breeding pen going so the place is crawling with aliens. And after one takes the kid this leads Ripley to her famous show down with the Alien Queen.

And once again proves why Ripley is top tier badass (eat your heart out Arya Stark) because I couldn’t help thinking any other human being myself included would have just passed out or at best frozen from fear.

After the Queen makes it back to the ship and one more show down Ripley survives a near airlock experience and the vacuum of space and goes to sleep with her whole new family. (Yet never once checks to see if Newts “pregnant” even though she was taken and gelled up on the wall like the others. Hm I couldn’t help worry Reiser’s character might have gotten his way.)

I guess hope for the best right?

I think this was more of a fun action movie and the first felt more Horror. But they still work well together or stand alone and what more could you ask for? Besides that questionable casting choice of course.

The performances are good. The aliens still look amazing hell maybe even better all around it’s a fun film and I’m glad I finally got around to watching it.

But as far as I’m concerned they lived happily ever after 3 and Resurrection don’t exist.

Recommend: Yes.

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  1. I agree, 3 was a real downer and I was terribly depressed by it, and Resurrection was just weird. So I’m with you, we’ll just stop at 2 and they all lived happily ever after.

  2. Glad to hear you finally got around to seeing this masterpiece of a sequel. My parents were sure to clarify the difference between Alien and Aliens growing up. So I enjoyed Aliens a ton when I was a kid. The perfect ENDING to the franchise.

  3. Aliens is in my personal top 3 favorite all time movies. I’ve watched it so many times now, that I know almost all of the lines by heart. While I don’t hate 3 and 4 as much as most other people, I completely agree that those never even come close to the first two movies. Great post!😀

  4. Aliens is like the ideal sequel to me. This and T2: Judgement Day are exactly what I think of as sequels that actually got bigger AND better than the first. (James Cameron, man.) Often I forget this is sci-fi horror because all around it’s such a fun action movie! Oh what I’d give to see this again for the first time…

    And agreed, only Alien and Aliens exist. I know David Fincher would agree.

    1. I wonder if James Cameron’s prowess with sequels doesn’t bode better for Avatar 2 than I’ve been expecting? Fingers crossed I guess!

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