Mando Meets a Marshall

Spoilers for Episode One of Season Two

Mando to Timothy Olyphant’s Cobb: Take if off or I’ll take it off for you.

Me: Finally Disney Star Wars content for me!!!

Cobb: We going to do this in front of the kid?

Me: Send him back outside!

Well if Disney can do Mando Monday’s I can jump on the bandwagon to 🙂

Besides the show honestly came back at a great time personally and it’s better than thinking about real life right now. I thought it was a fun first episode back and I have to admit even the return of Boba Fett, the way they did it, gives me hope. Plus Timothy Olyphant and his beautiful hair as Cobb Vanth…


I hope we’ll see him again and not just hear the Boba killed him or something. I mean Mando was willing to trust him with the kid so come on people!

I didn’t overly care about the Krayt Dragon though it looked amazing. The whole show looks so beautiful sometimes it makes me sad even the landscapes are fake.

I also liked the bit at the beginning when Peli was reminding the droids not to touch his ship and he was like no, no, it needs it. Growth. And a nice little nod to the late great IG 🙂 The one thing I will say about that was the way she holds the baby you can tell it’s not natural and it kind of takes me out of it. Like I can watch the kid wander around and get in spittoons and I’m like awe… it’s just seems like whenever anyone holds him like a real kid that it breaks my belief.

But I mean that tease at the end. I know I said I didn’t care for Boba Fett but I do like the actor and I think if they can make a character out of him he could finally earn that legendary status in my mind. Is it weird I was far happier that he wasn’t in the armor? Was he living among the raiders?

For some reason I kind of got vibes of The Hound/Broken Man from ASOIAF though it worries me that Favreau has mentioned only Game of Thrones the show as being important which yeah my feelings on that are pretty much acid barf so I’m preparing to be disappointed. But I think Boba’s reaction to Baby Yoda, considering his long and messed up history with the Jedi, could be fascinating.

I continue to love the score and feel like Ludwig is the only true successor to John Williams.

And it goes without saying The Child was adorable. I’m looking forward to the rest of the season and hoping it will hold up. So what did everyone think? What’s up with Boba? When will we see him and Cobb again? I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did!