The Hollow Places- I Still Would Have Run

The Hollow Places

By: T. Kingfisher

So I have been reading a lot of eh books recently I worried I was taking too much of a chance on this arc by an author I’ve never read before but I was pleasantly surprised by how much fun it was.

It was a nice little bit of something different and out there thank you Netgalley for the ARC.

Recently divorced Kara (or Carrot as she’s called throughout) returns to her Uncle Earl’s Museum of Wonders and mostly weird shit. He’s off to have knee surgery so she’s in charge of the place putting together a stock list for the first time and drinking tons of coffee and making friends with the barista next door.

Everything seems normal the cat and the taxidermy keeping her company when a hole opens up in a wall. Kara assumes a tourist did it but when she and Scott go to investigate they find a long hallway, a bunker with a secret and a doorway to another world full of creepy willows and doorways.

They got to explore (and really has that ever been a good idea? I’d be like military scientists here’s something fun for you!) and they find the place is even stranger than they thought and definitely more deadly.

I thought Kingfisher did a great job with the willow world. As a sucker and a half for a portal world story of any kind this was fun and different and it actually was truly creepy. Even the normal stuff was just a little off enough to throw the characters and the reader of balance.

And I thought it was interesting that Kara and Scott do take into account some of the longer term effects (like why they can’t call anyone, why they can’t just leave, etc). I’m always nervous when there’s an animal in a story like this but the cat was fine so don’t stress over it.

There’s some bodily horror stuff in here that I always hate. So beware of that if it gives you the shakes. I couldn’t help think this would make a fantastic movie however. Get on it Netflix. Next Halloween is coming!

The Hollow Places isn’t going to be a classic or anything but it’s a fun quick read especially as we come into busy season. I’ll definitely be picking up more Kingfisher as well. Some of her other stuff sounds just as fun!

Recommend: Yes.

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