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Get it Together Girl: The Camelot betrayal

The Camelot Betrayal

By: Kiersten White

On the one hand Guinevere knows she’s a screw-up who often acts irrationally and hurts people so credit for that. But on the other she keeps doing it so I don’t know what to make of her!

I received an ARC of The Camelot Betrayal from Netgalley (thank you) and I’m trying to be extra careful as this is the second book in a series and in this particular series especially given the events in this book I’m not sure fair judgement can be made until I read book 3.

But to recap book one without spoilers Merlin sent this magic girl to Camelot to pretend to be Guinevere and protect King Arthur whose in on the secret. Camelot has banned magic. Fake Guinevere doesn’t remember anything about her past as Merlin has messed with her head.

Also Lancelot is gender bent and the Queen’s Knight.

Oh and betrayals abound.

So in The Camelot Deception Guinevere is still battling with her lost past and magic demons when her younger sister shows up in Camelot. There’s also a maiden to rescue. Arthur and the hot guy whose loyalties are totally questionable but kiss can’t be forgotten.

This book moves super fast. Arthur is still too boring. It drops a lot of interesting hints and threads about past and identity and also the idea that the stories we’ve heard all our lives, the ones that shaped us, might not be the truth. It’s a very packed book but yet it also feels like none of those things are squared a way instead left for the conclusion.

But I do really appreciate the strength of the female friendships and romantic relationships in the book. As well as the ideas on gender and equality. For instance Guinevere adores Lancelot but struggles with their relationship as at one point she believes it’s the reason Lancelot is never really part of the other Knights, etc.

So for those things I’m willing to overlook Guinevere being such a troublemaker. This time. It does worry me a little overall cause White is leaving a lot hanging on the ending and I don’t think she pulled it off in the And I Darken series. But fingers crossed.

Recommend: Yes.

Although I think this series is probably going to be better as a binge when the conclusion comes out.

The Camelot Betrayal is available on November 10th. Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for an e-arc.

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