What Do You Feed a Yoda? The Passenger

Spoilers Below for Episode 2 The Passenger!

I can’t escape spiders even on an ice planet in a galaxy far, far away. In fact they just made them bigger and Alien like!

And now that I’ve finally seen those movies I get the references. Anyway The Passenger had a giant spider and lots of little spiders (somehow worse than the big one) and no Timothy Olyphant. So yeah I definitely didn’t love this one.

So I thought the beginning was fantastic! But I can’t be the only one who was hoping for Boba or thinking he was behind the sprung trap somehow right? Anyway that went nowhere and instead we had Mando still looking for others who gets roped into taking Frog Lady to a planet so her husband can fertilize her eggs.

If Baby Yoda doesn’t eat them all first.

And also just an aside I don’t want them to overdo Baby Yoda and the force powers but at the same time we’ve had two episodes now where it could have been helpful if he had at least helped and he hasn’t even seemingly considered it. I mean I suppose you could say that’s how he pulled the eggs to him.

But seriously? Held at knifepoint? Eh dad can get me out of this. Dad gets eaten by a dragon? Well he probably has it under control.

Having trouble in an arm wrestling match? Fuck this I’m going full Dark Side!

Also this was the first time where I felt some of the dialogue and delivery was off and it probably didn’t help that at times I had a hard time understanding the pilots period.

But Baby Yoda eating the eggs and the face hugger baby spider was fun only in the sense we got to see some of his relationship with Din which I did think was a little lacking last episode. So character building yeah. I just wish they could have added a little more story to it.

2 episodes in and we haven’t seen Esposito at all yet.

Though I do think Baby Yoda’s appetite might inadvertently prove my theory that his species disappeared because they too were on the galactic food chain. Probably some human delicacy like caviar or escargot that the same war profiteering gamblers from The Last Jedi would have eaten.

But anyway I hope this remains my least favorite episode of the season. I’m easy to please Favreau and the kid is cute but spiders are scary, I don’t like eggs and if you aren’t going to put meat on this story at least fill it with a Marshall with fancy hair and a great smile okay?

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  1. Honestly I really enjoyed this episode. I don’t want the series to move to fast, and I’m not surprised that we didn’t get to see Boba in this episode or move the plot along. It was a filler episode, no question about that, but it was a fun one. Also…one of the pilots was Dave Filoni himself. Which he’s done before 😂😂

    1. It is probably important to note that Din and the Razor Crest are very much on the New Republic’s radar per this episode!

      It will be interesting to see where this goes as Favreau has talked about opening the story up a la Game of Thrones (but better writing I hope!) I’m assuming by that he means at some point soon we’re going to be following multiple or at least one more character and getting more story that way. Either way I’m looking forward to it!

      1. Haha, yeah I can’t either, especially considering that there are so many cool plotlines that we have yet to uncover😊 And yes, please don’t let it follow the Game of Thrones writing…..ugh, can’t even think back on that one, much less start writing about it lol 😂

  2. Episode felt off to me too. The egg eating really uncomfortable. Like a joke that they were a little too reliant on. The giant spiders and giant ant in the cantina are likely thanks to Peyton Reed (Ant-Man director) directing the episode.

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