A Great Cast May Warm My Heart

I am not the biggest fan (understatement) of the holiday romance movie but this new Hulu film Happiest Season actually does sincerely look enjoyable. Plus it’s lovely to see some representation in a holiday romance!

I’m in it for that and the cast regardless!

Aubrey Plaza and Victor Garber two of my tv shows favs (Parks and Recs and Alias of course). I mean I think we can all guess where this is going and the awesome Dan Levy aside the gay best friend is a little cliche…

Well the scene where he was at the party was an eye roller yet the scene at the end of the trailer was a nice touch so overall I think they can pull it off. Plus Mackenzie Phillips has been awesome in everything I’ve seen her in so far and Kristen Stewart actually looks like she may be happy in this movie.

Happiest Season hits Hulu on November 25th!

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