Wanda Abandons 2020 & Other News

Elizabeth Olson

I shall not whine.

I shall not whine.

I shall not whine. I mean it’s only a few more weeks after what we all thought.

Wandavision was maybe my most anticipated event of 2020 and as the press had started in full we’ve learned like everything else it will be waiting for us in 2021. January 15th to be exact.


Disney also moved Free Guy and Death on the Nile off the release schedule as of writing this no new dates decided. I would pay to rent these on streaming (although not on Disney+ I learned that lesson) over the holidays. Get me while you can Disney while I still have any money.

In somewhat controversial movie news Warner Brothers asked Johnny Depp to resign from Fantastic Beasts 3. They still had to pay him his whole salary so all in all I’m thinking Johnny Depp came out of this one thing okay. I mean he got paid and he doesn’t have to be in Fantastic Beasts 3 I don’t know why his fans are so upset.

But Warner Brothers pushing it back to 2022 leaves a date open for them to move something for another Wonder Woman 1984 move. I don’t think they’ll push WW1984 that far (and drop it between The Eternals and Mission Impossible) but I think we could wind up seeing Wonder Woman go to June 2021 now.

In other news rumors about a Boba Fett series are once again abounding. I’d say it seems much more like a sure thing this time since we know he’s back. John Cena’s character from The Suicide Squad is getting an HBOMax show for sure. That one’s already casting. Because why let these things play out first right?

Emily in Paris is getting a second season. I gave up on the first but happy for everyone who loved it.

Oh in other Netflix news Millie Bobby Brown who killed it in Enola Holmes is going to star in and produce a movie called Damsel for them. It’s about a young girl who thinks she’s engaged to the Prince and is going to be sacrificed to the dragon instead. If it’s half as good as Enola Holmes I’ll be in!

If the dragon needs a voice I suggest Henry 🙂

And for things to look forward to more immediately: don’t forget The Crown drops on Sunday on Netflix. Plus if you’re caught up on the series (I’m not) Rhythm of War, the new book in the Stormlight Archive series drops on Tuesday as does The Burning God the last book in The Poppy War trilogy.

And it’s confirmed Tenet will be streaming and on DVD in time to confuse us all for the holidays!

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  1. Well…it could have been worse I guess😅 While it’s still very disappointing, at least it’s early January, and we don’t have to wait too long for that. Really looking forward to it myself as well! Hope it will of course be worth the wait!😀😀😊😊

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