Oh the Places This Could Go: The Heiress

Spoilers for Episode 3: The Heiress

I do this all the time.

Something or someone gets introduced in a show I enjoy (love) and I can’t help launch my imagination down the road of all the places the story could go and with the arrival of Bo-Katan I’ve been running wild with it!

Plus I mean is The Mandalorian teasing the Starbuck/Gus Fring battle I never knew I wanted?

So Mando and Baby Yoda get Frog Lady to her husband, barely. And they become about the best couple in the series or the ones with the least drama anyway.

But things really get interesting when Mando (whose a walking rob me sign with that armor apparently) gets himself into trouble and Baby Yoda learns a lesson by nearly becoming food himself. I love how the kid at this point just sits back like why should I expend any energy someone’s going to save me???

And someone does being Katee Sackhoff as live-action Bo-Katan with a couple Mandalorians by her side. Din is all happy for just a minute until they take off their helmets and rock his world view while giving us confirmation that the helmets never off is just because he’s in a certain fanatical faction.

Which we kind of knew this but then he goes onto say he’s been told Mandalore is cursed and dead and now we have a pretty good reason why he didn’t know anything about the Jedi. It was being kept from him and probably the rest of the people in his convert. Naturally he doesn’t take this well and only when they save his ass again does he agree to help them out on a mission.

Mando: I’ve been quested to get the child back to his people…

Anyone at all: Yes but there’s this side quest…

Mando: No explanations needed. I’m in!

The fun of Bo-Katan comes when we learn she is definitely looking for the Dark Saber and we finally get to see Esposito! So I’ve got to think we’re all going to cross paths with them again in a big way and while I side-eye previous statements that they were going to be testing characters for spin-offs on The Mandalorian I can’t help but think Bo-Katan needs to stay on this show because retrieving the Dark Saber and helping reunite the Mandalorian’s again while learning there are many different ways to be a Mandalorian is Din’s story. Oh the places this could go!

And yes Baby Yoda’s as well.

I see a lot of people saying oh Din will give up the kid and maybe at the very end if he finds his family but I just don’t see them going with giving him to Luke. Because then where was he during the sequel trilogy? Did Kylo kill him at the school? Who wants to think that? Not me.

He’s on a peaceful (well as much as it can ever be) reunited Mandalore with his adopted dad and apparently ageless Auntie Bo-Katan and he’s learned to only eat his enemies.

3 episodes down 5 to go!

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  1. This was a strong follow up to last week’s episode. I still can’t believe we got a very animated character in live-action. And by the same actress no less. I’m also hoping for big things in the future.

    1. I’m so thrilled Katee got to play her! I mean it makes total sense but you never know what kind of strange decisions “Hollywood” makes some time!

  2. This was a great episode. It really was cool to see Bo-Katan make an entrance here, and I’m guessing next week’s episode is going to be even more awesome. So far I’m really enjoying this season! Fingers crossed it stays this way. This is the way…..😊

    1. Fingers crossed! But I know a lot of people are saying they don’t expect Ashoka until the Filoni episode which makes sense so I’m thinking we still got a while!

  3. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought Bo-Katan should probably look a bit older than she does here. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing her, but shouldn’t she be at least graying a bit or getting crow’s feet or something? It’s been about 25 years since the Clone Wars. Anyway, great episode.

    1. I did enjoy the joke going around that it was Anakin that prematurely aged Obi-Wan 🙂

      But than again it’s not like Bo-Katan’s had a rosy stress free life!

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