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Lego Palpatine is the Best Palpatine: The Star Wars XMAS Special

Well Lego Emperor Palpatine totally stole the show for me. The Star Wars Holiday special might not have been as out there as the first one (a good thing in my opinion) but it was still a completely amusing hour as Rey goes back in time and the whole timeline collides while Poe tries to plan a party.

It’s only 45 minutes so I don’t want to ramble to much but seriously if they had just gone with this for Rise of Skywalker I would have been thrilled.

My top 5 Favorite Unattributed out of context quotes from the special:

Bored. Bored. Bored. Bored. Bored. Bored. Bored. WHO. CARES. ABOUT. A. TRADE. DISPUTE?

Hello there.

Yeah! Woo-hoo! Dark-side!

Ah, a reactor shaft?…No.

They want to destroy me. As do you. And you… Really I’m not sure whose side I’m on here.

The Grinch Scale gives this a 7.5 out of ten heart growth. So why 7.5 since it was so much fun and so fast? Well they couldn’t squeeze in more than a shot or two of Leia and Padme was (per usual) done dirty.

And the voice work was great but jarring in my opinion especially for Poe and Finn but than again I saw people saying oh Oscar Isaac really committed and they were shocked John Boyega came back so maybe you won’t notice. But it’s totally worth a watch regardless!

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