The Truth About The Princess Switch

It doesn’t seem like the movie but there was a moment so frightening in The Princess Switch 2: Switched Again that it caused me to rethink all of these holiday movies and just in general see the darkness behind these films about the baker with doppelgängers in high places.

I don’t spoil the movie as a whole (that’s for the accent work to do) but I do spoil a blink and you’ll miss it cameo.

I didn’t miss it. Seriously it made me set up and go, “Oh no!”

Near the end of all the Christmas goodness of three Vanessa Hudgens and two, admittedly good looking but rather empty-headed, men and apparently no actual town anywhere we get to an appearance of Richard, April and their spawn in a crowd.

Ugh, Richard.

I’ve only watched the first of those Christmas Prince movies and that was enough. I give the actor credit for somehow being utterly boring and occasionally rather creepy and I think he sucked the life out of April.

But that’s when I realized…

This is a Christmas Universe for Netflix and perhaps our idea of a modern fairy tale where women can just go to random made-up European countries and find bland ass men to live in big palaces with and be Princesses.

But the truth about the Christmas Switch and all these movies is they’re actually horror films franchises in the making.

I can see where the 3rd Princess Switch movie is going- obviously there’s some factory somewhere cloning these women and their getting worse and worse and next year they’ll release some actual Ice Queen like version whose going to try to steal Christmas and marry the Grinch (still more interesting than Edward) and it will be up to our team of Vanessa Hudgen’s to stop them and save Christmas and unite the clones into one of these silly Kingdom’s where they can protect Christmas year round.

So really Netflix could keep this universe going all the holiday year long. Which means they did better than Universal’s monster-verse.

Oh but how was the movie?

I mean besides the horror of Richard and April appearing and realizing the mind-numbing implications… pretty much what you’d expect.

Literally the only other bit of life in the movie is when cousin Fiona first appears and you have to sit-up and wonder like, “What the hell?” In a confluence of choices here I’m not sure what Hudgen’s was going for with the 3rd clone. Cliche Disney Villainess? The girlfriend in the Parent Trap Lindsey Lohan didn’t want her father to marry? Kardashian? OC party girl? A little of everything?

I suppose only Santa knows.

That’s why I’m going with cloning gone bad. I guess that will be answered next year in The Princess Switch 3: Oh God there’s Another One!

And yes I’ll still watch it.

The Grinch-Meter Gives this a 3: Because this has been a tough week and sometimes all a girl really wants is snow and Christmas lights… and a palace.

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