What Jedi will Answer the Call?

Spoilers for Episode 5 of the Mandalorian: The Jedi

Grogu in the Jedi

So in this episode Ahsoka sends Din and Grogu to a Jedi Temple and tells him sit the kid on a stone and he’ll make his own decision and perhaps one of the remaining Jedi will answer his call and presumably come and train him up.

There’s a lot to unpack but since part of the fun of the Star Wars fandom (when not trying to kill each other) is speculation. Let’s do it! What Jedi is going to answer Grogu’s call?

I say Cal Kestis.

Cal is from the Jedi: Fallen Order game and Favreau seems too like pulling from games. More importantly Cal also survived the purge (connection to the Kid) but is a big believer in letting the force decide or more so protecting Jedi adepts and letting them make their own fate.

So I think there’s not only a connection there but he could conceivably be around to train Grogu without having to separate him and Din.

Cal Kestis

What about Ezra?

Too soon and he’s a part of Ahsoka’s story so they have to decide what their doing with her. And I sincerely hope it’s going to be Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau continuing to make those decisions

Barriss Offee or another dark Jedi?

I think Barriss would be interesting and she does have connections to Ahsoka and I think the idea that she’s playing Din to get the kid would be a nice bit of tension but again I think if she comes back around it’s going to be in Ahsoka’s story.

Ahsoka Tano in the Mandalorian


Big time not her story plus this would mean recasting the character and I’m not sure they’d want to touch that yet. I know I’ve said I’d be down with Millie Bobby Brown playing the teenage Leia from Claudia Gray’s book but this would be 30ish Leia likely already a mother and Senator it’s a minefield to attempt Leia just like…

Luke Skywalker

I mean Luke is an obvious one considering we know he was out and about looking for Jedi survivors at this time. I do think we’ll see him eventually somehow (hopefully played by Sebastian Stan) but I don’t feel like it’s the right time here as they made it clear in The Jedi Baby Yoda sorry I mean Grogu doesn’t want to be separated from Din yet and vice versa.

So my money would be on Cal and I think that would be a really cool story idea although I also think we all know what’s going to happen. Gideon is going to crash the party and get the kid before any Jedi comes kicking into effect the last 3 episodes.

Ahsoka and Baby Yoda

Although when all is said and done this season I could totally see them dropping a tease at the very end of us going back to the temple and maybe R2-D2 looking around and then back at someone we only see the back of…

But then again I also think it would be cool if Grogu saw Mandalore and the first acknowledged Mandalorian/Jedi.