Venom’s Cousin…But Not Funny…


Directed By: Edgar Abramenko

Honestly none of the funny. It’s more of a psychological drama- and rather interesting in a way I didn’t expect.

It’s 1983 and Tatyana is a young psychiatrist under review for a controversial method of curing a patient. This immediately brings her to the interest of a General who brings her to a base way out in the Steppe to study a freshly returned cosmonaut.

Who came back with something inside him.

To paraphrase the General, two went to space, three came back.

Sputnik Alien

Now Tatyana is involved in a cat and mouse game between man, creature, doctor and General to try to separate Konstantin from his new intestines before there’s no turning back and what Sputnik does with the alien was the most interesting part of the film. I like the design (I did not like how he exited and entered ew, ew, ew) and I liked those story beats.

I also thought the acting was rather good.

But it felt a little off with the humans especially toward the end when Tatyana starts making some rather strange choices which they try to make a childhood connection I wasn’t really sure about and Konstantin’s personality goes all the hell over the place. Which I mean he is under a lot of stress I suppose and the General turns out to be exactly what you think.

So alien strong point. Humans a bit questionable.


Still worth the watch. I watched is subtitled and had no issues with it save for the opening in space when it didn’t look like either cosmonaut was speaking but that ironed itself out.

Grinch-Meter: Well it’s a little hard to put a number on a movie like this but suffice it to say the Grinch was intrigued, entertained, grossed-out and a little bit confused 🙂


3 thoughts on “Venom’s Cousin…But Not Funny…

  1. Nice review! I love how you compare this to Venom, but yes, definitely unfunny. Sputnik worked me until the third act where it didn’t seem to know what direction it was going in. The score also made it seem like it was a scarier film than it actually was. But overall it was enjoyable.

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