Warner Brothers Big Play for 2021

So in a shocking bit of news Warner Brothers the studio that a couple months ago was like Tenet is going to theaters come hell or high water just made an announcement that destroys the theatrical window and potentially changes movie going forever.

And interestingly enough puts the ball in Disney’s court concerning the streaming wars.

Basically they’ve announced they are day and dating all of their slate next year. That includes Matrix 4, The Suicide Squad, Dune, etc.

Now this is only domestically as far as I can tell. HBOMax isn’t available in all areas but I’m guessing will be pretty soon. And I don’t think it means the end of the theater going experience.

For me it means I can watch and enjoy the movies around a shifting work schedule (if I still have one) and without the unfortunate audiences but also that I can and will happily watch Dune in theaters first and then go home and watch it more carefully and slowly taking in all the Oscar and Jason goodness!

And while I can see the downside (rampant piracy) it’s not like the movies won’t be in theaters at all. They’re just giving us a choice (at least in the states) of where and how to watch them next year. But this is really about the streaming wars as much as anything and since Disney has already come out and said Disney+ is where we’re putting everything this really puts the ball in their court for next weeks Disney+ day.

I think there going to have to come up with something better than the unconfirmed but already out there casting announcements (Kate Bishop is actually on set already) for the Marvel shows, the Ahsoka show and who knows how much more Marvel and Star Wars content.

But Disney+ is a story for another day.

5 thoughts on “Warner Brothers Big Play for 2021

  1. This is definitely a big deal. It is going to be even harder for cinemas to hold on, and here are more reasons that Canada needs HBOMax right away!

    1. I think theaters will really have to change up things to get back the consumer. I talk to some people on line and wind up thinking I really want to go to the theaters you guys go to! So I’m hopeful that providing the consumer option will lead to a better theater experience in the end.

  2. This decision irks me, but I’m just glad the theater option remains in tact. Some blockbusters I absolutely must see in theaters, while others I prefer to watch at home.

    1. That’s kind of how I feel but I’d like the ability to chose!

      I was watching Stuckman yesterday and he made a good point that all the people that tend to make theater going so unpleasant (at least in my experience) who sit on their phone or can’t get babysitters so they take young kids to the opening night of IT will probably stay home and watch so they can do what they want and maybe make the experience of going to the cinema more pleasant for those who want to be there. Fingers crossed. Either way I’m actually hopeful in the long-run that a better movie going experience can come out of this!

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