The Mandalorian: Get Away from Grogu!

Spoilers for Episode 14: The Tragedy

Maybe it’s just me but Grogu could just as easily have been meditating about eggs and blue cookies in that Jedi trance. He does seem to be a growing hungry boy. We’re all waiting for a Jedi to show up and he’s just like, hm, what do I want for dinner?

Either way he’s not getting it a while. That Gideon got him with those Dark Troopers was not a surprise but the far bigger, far nicer surprise came in the first couple of minutes the real return of Boba Fett.

And 2020 becomes the year I finally get Boba Fett. Although I contend it’s the year he finally does something to earn it.

Temuera Morrison is amazing and not to be superficial (I will anyway) but I could listen to him talk for a movie! Him and Fennec Shand (the also amazing Ming-Na Wen- you didn’t waste her Star Wars good on you!) wreck havoc on a platoon of Storm Troopers but we lose Grogu and even more heartbreakingly the Razor Crest.

But we are getting one hell of a team-up!

Although I think one of the most interesting moments came at the end when Boba (not wearing the helmet) tells Din about his father being a foundling and Mr. You Aren’t a Mandalorian if I Can See Any Skin is like “the armor is yours…”

I think his helmet is coming off and I hope it’s his choice to either rescue the kid or bond with him after and not, as I’ve heard other people wonder, because Gideon takes it off.

The only other thing with the team up is why Miggs? Bill Burr didn’t do much for me the first time around and I’m unsure why he’d be willing to help Mando, even if he does break him out, not the most trustworthy of persons here when you have the freaking sweetheart that is Cobb Vanth and his beautiful hair 🙂

Also since I was positive we wouldn’t see Boba again this season and we did (and are getting a team-up!!!) He’s got to go find Bo-Katan right? Or maybe their paths will intersect? Live action Bo-Katan and Boba fighting the remnants of the empire with the Dark Saber in play… and I have to wonder after that little tease at the end of the episode if Grogu is going to be the one to get the Dark Saber out of his hands?

Anyway all in all it was a great episode and I didn’t even have look at the credits to be like oh yeah, this is the Robert Rodriguez episode 🙂 Fingers crossed for a big ending!

Grinch-Meter: 10 Despite the Grogu-snatching. We all know he’s getting him back!

6 thoughts on “The Mandalorian: Get Away from Grogu!

  1. Yes, I think it’s inevitable that Din will be taking his helmet off at some point. I’m guessing more toward the end of the show itself, a choice that he makes rather than someone forcing it off. And I do think Bo-Katan would make another great member of his team, especially since she wants that saber so bad. Can’t wait to see these threads pull together!

    1. I think the overarching story should be Din helping Bo-Katan reunite the Mandalorians on Mandalore because that’s Grogu’s best chance for safety. That’s why much as I love Katee I’m crossing my fingers Disney doesn’t overdo it on the spin-offs and Bo stays on this one.

  2. This episode was just exceptional. Boba Fett was beyond awesome and I’m glad they did him justice without sacrificing the uniqueness of Mando. Grogu will be rescued, but the Razor Crest destruction practically destroyed me. Can’t wait for more. I have no clue how they can possibly hope to top themselves.

    1. Maybe it will end on a happy note this year? But then if they want to drop another moment like Gideon with the dark saber I can’t imagine what that would be!

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