Some Huge Good Star Wars News

Some huge (good) Star Wars news came out of the Disney Presentation today and I’m admittedly a lot more hopeful about certain things.

I was worried they were going to spin off everybody that appeared on The Mandalorian this season (whereas I think some belong squarely on Mando) but Favreau and Filoni are working together on two spin-offs- Rangers of the New Republic and of Course…


They will take place concurrently (in story) and according to Kathleen Kennedy at least culminate in a big theatrical event.

Which means the actors will likely criss-cross back and forth and we could get the Gideon/Thrawn team-up, Ezra could very well appear in the season finale of Mando next week, etc. Etc.

I’m just happy they aren’t completely selling Mando out for a batch of new shows and that the same creators will be in control of this part of the story. I’m telling you… the battle for Mandalore is coming!


They confirmed Hayden Christensen will return for the Obi-Wan series scheduled to shot in the spring of next year. Since that one actually is 10 years after Revenge of the Sith and considering their relationship it makes perfect sense here and I’m actually rather excited!

We’re also getting a show called Visions- a Star Wars anime anthology. They didn’t have much of this but the artwork in the background looked beautiful enough to peak my interest.

And lastly the next movie on the horizon (Taika is still writing is) is a Patty Jenkins directed Rogue Squadron!

Which I hadn’t heard a whisper of that so far. So good news on the Star Wars front moving into the future 🙂 And it definitely changes my thoughts on how The Mandalorian might actually end this season!

6 thoughts on “Some Huge Good Star Wars News

    1. I hope the fans treat him right this time. Or at least enough of the fans to drown out the voices of the people who are never happy regardless!

      1. It’s so weird how the mood changes with the loudest Star Wars fans. I’ve seen nothing but love for him coming back but I’m pretty sure he used to be hated?
        Also suddenly everyone loves The Last Jedi but I felt pretty alone that year when I was saying how great it was?!
        Oh Star Wars fans…!

      2. I missed all the prequel hate myself (and jeez that was before the days of Twitter so I can’t imagine) but the problems with those movies were never the actors.

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