Wandavision, Loki & Other Marvel News

Wandavision released a new trailer Thursday and I was going to rave about it but then Taylor dropped a new CD (what is she doing to me this year?) and there was a great episode of Mando so I got a bit distracted.

But no way was I not going to chat about my number one most anticipated watch of next year.

And the Loki trailer but witches first…

Love the music choice and just the look of this trailer and I think it’s so good how it seems like almost this strange fantasy is going on and then shifts with Monica’s “I don’t remember,” into what looks like a psychological horror nightmare.

And than the excellent Loki trailer.

I admit I wasn’t sold on Loki- I loved the film character but I thought he had a pretty complete arc. However the show just looks like such a good time and I love time travel and Tom Hiddleston.

Plus it just offered so many little Easter eggs. I’m sure we all saw what I’m presuming is Natasha. But I was wondering if this…

Is the little girl (Lia McHugh) playing Sprite in The Eternals?

Could be our first link up to a movie that’s done and in the can and they pretty much passed over it like yeah, that’s happening in November.

Plus they confirmed Richard E. Grant and if he’s really playing another version of Loki on a council of Loki’s…

Well regardless you had me at Richard E. Grant and council of Loki’s.

I have to admit I think The Falcon and Winter Soldier trailer was kind of weak in comparison though there’s some interesting story elements apparently in the show we obviously didn’t get them and it felt kind of same old, same old…

A lot of the news was pretty bleh to.

They did confirm Tatiana for She-Hulk and I thought the most interesting thing was she’s going to specialize in super-hero cases so that could be an interesting take on the legal drama.

They aren’t going to recast T’Challa in Black Panther which isn’t a surprise and there’s a Fantastic Four movie coming of which only the director was announced. Jon Watts from the recent Spider-Man movies is going to do it and while he’s not bad he’s not exactly interesting or exciting.

But hey let the fan-casting begin!

5 thoughts on “Wandavision, Loki & Other Marvel News

  1. I’m more looking forward to Loki than anything else. Definitely wonderitif that was Nat sitting at the bottom of the cliff…

    Absolutely loved seeing the DragonCon Marriott Marquis in the trailer! Missing DC big time in 2020 since there was no physical con. Ugh.

    Anyway, so many Star Wars shows upcoming and all the Marvel entertainment! It’s going to be a lot of watching.

    I am not sold on Wandavision, but I’ll have to give it a chance and see.

  2. Biggest surprise for me was Fantastic 4. Kind of wild that Jon Watts has cross-pollinated Sony to Disney, and I’m sure Spider-Man’s box office dollars made the director choice a no-brainer. At this point, if they announce that Spider-Man will be in the Fantastic 4 movie, I won’t even flinch.

    Completely agree with Falcon & Winter Soldier. I love the pairing of Mackie and Stan, but what’s shown so far just feels like retreads of their banter in Civil War. I’m way more excited about WandaVision and it’s pretty nuts that it’s now a month away!

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