Mandalorian Finale Predications

Spoilers for the season up to this point!

Both times The Mandalorian has taken his helmet off in this show I’ve feel like a scream of happiness that he did and also really guilty that I was looking at his face.

Good work show.

Let’s talk my finale predications! And I wouldn’t put any money on these because the last two episodes have completely surprised me but I’ll put them out there anyway.

Who dies?

I feel like everyone is asking this and I just want to say…

No one.

Does he get the kid back?

Now there’s the sticky jam in our musing sandwich. I feel like this kind of wraps into the who dies question because I’m going to say there’s an Empire Strikes Back like ending where everyone is alive but no one is really okay because this sucker has an even longer hiatus coming up and they’ll want to keep us on our toes.

Hm what about those rumors?

I keep hearing whisperings still that this is going to be Boba’s show, that something went down with Pedro, unpleasant stuff like that. I’m gonna say no. All is going to be well.

Well behind the scenes anyway.

Is he de-helmeted?

I wonder but I’m going to say… yes… but I’m purely basing that on my wild speculations concerning some things Esposito said before the season even started.

Special Guest Stars?

The only one I really want that I think works and indeed needs to be in this show is Bo-Katan. Plus she’s such a fascinating rich gray character she could really throw a spanner into the works in ways those boring old Jedi won’t. It would be nice to see Timothy Olyphant and his lovely hair again though but I don’t think that will happen.

Maybe Cobb will be on the Rangers of the New Republic series????

Write that down Favreau and Filoni because whatever might be thought about Carano’s Twitter ravings aside I do not see her carrying a show even if it’s only 20+ minutes a week.

Dreaming of…

Perhaps that cliffhanger will be a Thrawn appearance? I’m leaning more toward it now that the announcement the Ahsoka show will only be a limited series and that and Rangers will lead to a big culminating event with the Mandalorian. Yep I can see a Thrawn holo or something popping up.

He’s NOT giving him up!

This isn’t really relevant to the finale but I still hear big commentators saying oh, yeah he’s going to give him to a Jedi, Luke’s going to take him and I’m just like have we been watching the same show? Grogu’s going to chose both and be trained on a reunited Mandalore by Cal or Ezra or a retired Ahsoka way the hell away from the muddle.

If for no other reason I’m sure Disney has thought of the selling power of a Grogu in full Mando armor with a light saber?

Anyway I’ll probably be wrong about everything. But hopefully we’ll all enjoy the finale!

7 thoughts on “Mandalorian Finale Predications

  1. These are all good guesses, and honestly, it’s anyone’s guess as to what’s going to happen. I’ll admit I have NO idea what will happen next, and I kind of like that, lol.

    1. I know! It’s so much fun to be completely unspoiled even though I have to stay up all night to watch it (and than usually I’m too wired to fall asleep after!)

  2. This show loves to be unpredictable.

    I wonder if somehow Mando ends up getting injected with Gideon’s midichlorian juice that he’s trying to use in his dark troopers and Jedi Mando has to defeat Grogu who has turned Dark…

    I mean, that isn’t what’s going to happen tomorrow…but long term story line…maybe something like that.

    I do hope we see Timothy Olyphant again. I like how they keep returning to past characters, which keeps the story in a sort of closed circle so to speak.

  3. I can’t say that I’m looking for anything in particular, but do hope there are several gasp worthy moments. Hopefully a major cameo or two. Either way, I’m looking forward to it.

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