Mandalorian Wrap-Up: Thoughts, Questions, Rambles

Spoilers for The Mandalorian Season 2!

I’m going to break this ramble down into 5 separate questions, thoughts, mini-rambles what have you to try to keep it from being endless!

What is going on with Season 3?

I don’t usually give a lot of credence to Internet rumors but there’s enough noise going around with this one that The Book of Boba Fett is going to be season 3 or Mando at least is going to take a year off and (as of now) silence from Disney/Lucasfilm that I’m a little worried.

Right now the ending of the season left me intrigued, sad and looking forward. If they’re drastically changing the show that would honestly change my opinion to frustrated and annoyed more than anything so finger’s crossed it’s all Internet crap in the end.

The Story of the Dark Saber

Din winning it and the look on Bo-Katan’s face when he walked in was honestly my favorite part. Got to love the poor guy. He probably thought he was doing really good at that point.

There’s fascinating back story with the Dark Saber and I’ve seen a lot of people wonder why she couldn’t take it when she took it from Sabine in Rebels but that’s the thing Sabine didn’t win it in combat either and Bo-Katan obviously lost it at some point and Mandalore so like Gideon said…

It’s the story. It’s in her head and the other Mandalorian’s.

But it will be important either way and let me just say I loved the Battlestar Galatica vibes I got from the episode and Katee and Pedro could kill a strained relationship like they seem to be setting up.

Boba and Din’s Code

There’s plenty of speculation for what The Book of Boba Fett could be about but I would have loved to have seen more reaction from Din that he was a clone. We went from him telling Bo-Katan they weren’t Mandalorian’s to running around with Boba.

I hope the two of them meet again they could provide each other with fascinating character development.

Grogu’s Return?

Grogu always seemed to me like a character who was learning to like the fast and dangerous life. He’s probably going to get bored in that temple. Luke going to bring him back like kid keeps stealing my X-Wing and he’s decimated the amphibian life on the planet please, he’s yours 🙂

But I do want a canon answer (on the shows) that he wasn’t at the temple when Ben went off.

God I’m being kind of a turd. Maybe I should just send a list of demands to Lucasfilm 🙂 While we’re at it if we’re aging him up can Ryan Reynolds do the voice? I don’t know why but I see the kid becoming more Deadpool than Yoda.


I don’t think were done with Gideon yet but I still think the Big Bad connecting tissue of this part of the Universe is definitely going to be Thrawn and maybe he’s already on Mandalore or maybe that’s where Ahsoka chases him in her series! Either way I think Mandalore and Thrawn are going to be the big events to come in the series.

Anyway I enjoyed this season. It’s been so much fun to talk about Star Wars with people again I sincerely hope this is just the beginning and Disney’s not going to fundamentally change the basis of the show that provided the opportunity. But it’s Disney. It’s Star Wars. Who knows?

10 thoughts on “Mandalorian Wrap-Up: Thoughts, Questions, Rambles

  1. Agreed on all your points. Luke begging Din to take the kid back is a hilarious thought! I don’t think Grogu will be at the Temple when Kylo loses it. I think he’ll be back with Din long before that, but that’s just my opinion. Or my dear hope.

    1. I don’t think he’s there either. Someone pointed out that he’s a great connecting point if they want to take Star Wars into the future.

  2. I’m just happy they managed to breath life back into Star Wars. I’m really not sure how The Mandalorian will hold onto its casual audience without “Baby Yoda,” but I am curious to see the Dark Saber saga. I’d honestly be fine with The Book of Boba Fett in place of a third season. The story isn’t over, but we’re definitely getting a ton of Star Wars stuff in the not too distant future.

  3. I don’t like how Disney is turning this show into advert for spin offs. Baby Yoda and Din together is the heart of the series and honestly I’m not interested in watching anyone’s else story

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