A Christmas Epiphany

After 20 some years of doing everyone’s Christmas present wrapping terribly apparently (but I like to do it so…) I finally, finally figured out the secret to the perfect okay reasonably wrapped presents!

And it’s not tape!

It was like a Christmas epiphany that I should have seen sooner…

Less space.

Apparently my previous years of cleaning everything and moving things to give myself as much room to wrap as possible was a deterrent and I needed boundaries.

So the secret to Christmas wrapping is less is more. Which seems to go against everything the holidays stand for but that’s what I’m going with. Next year I think I’ll apply for North Pole Wrapping Queen Elf position.

Meanwhile Tom Hardy’s reading things on the Internet again this is the only Youtube content that matters.

Santa if you want to put together a movie where Tom road trips with his mom and Aunt (played by Dames Judi and Maggie of course) it would be a nice little treat 🙂

But a girl can dream right?

Meanwhile Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Enjoy the Witcher version of Slay Ride which now there’s a show that needs a Christmas special. I wonder how many fucks they could get into one holiday hour? 🙂

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