Reading Less in 2021

Harley goes book hunting

It’s a New Year! I hope everyone’s New Years Eve was fun 🙂

I didn’t do any resolutions last year for anything which is good because for a multitude of reason I didn’t do shit but I did want to set some goals for myself this year. And the first might seem a little strange for me.

I want to read less in 2021.

Says the girl whose already started 2 books.

But I do want to read a little slower this year as well as knock back some of the bigger books I’ve had forever that I keep passing up because I know they’ll take longer. (One of the books I’ve started is the much put aside Priory of the Orange Tree.)

Books are like treats or presents under a Christmas tree for me. So shiny and full of possibilities that I’m little able to control myself sometimes. Plus no empty calories. So I just want to take it a little slower in my reading this year and if that means less books than cool.

Also while I still signed up for Goodreads I kept my challenge numbers low and I’m hoping to remember to use Storygraph throughout the year as well!

Write More

Boy I’ve fallen down on this in the past several years. I hope to change it this year.

Reaper Man

The Discworld Journey

I’m going to make a separate post on Discworld but basically reading in chronological order is not really working for me so it’s time to change it up.

Expanding my Film Watching

So I slumped pretty hard in movies last year but at the same time I did branch out more like I have long wanted to so it’s not all a bad year by far. I do hope to continue watching things outside my comfort zone. There’s also a few movie challenges I’m checking out so maybe that will help.

The Purpose of this Blog

Well one of the ones I stated when I started was to understand what worked and what didn’t in a story, film, etc to help aid my writing. I want to delve more into that this year and hopefully that kind of exercise will also improve my own overall writing.

Personally I’m trying to keep things within reason. I’m not sure travel overseas is going to happen this year but a haircut is a start 🙂 in the right direction to getting back on track!

Happy New Year everyone!

5 thoughts on “Reading Less in 2021

  1. I read pretty slow to start with, so for me it’d be to eventually read faster — though i’ve heard that when rushing to finish a book too quickly, like for a readathon and only cash in the pages, you tend to not remember much of what you just read.. so I can understand that part! It’s definately a good thing to remember what’s happening in particularly large books aswell ..

    Goodluck on thoses goals! I hope 2021 will be a fab one!

  2. Good luck with your goal! I’m also trying to maybe not read less, but slow down and savor the things I am reading. It’s turning into something that feels like I *have* to do, or that there’s pressure to do, which is silly because neither of those things are true.

    1. I know! I fall into the same mindset it’s only been 11 days and already I’m like you’ve only finished 2 books might want to pick up the pace and then it’s like why? Why do I do this to myself? Good luck with your goals!

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