Remember the Get Out Part

One of the Good Ones

The first line of the synopsis of One of the Good Ones is that it’s a cross between The Hate U Give and Get Out.

Well I blanked or forgot about the Get Out part by the time I got around to reading the arc because I was completely knocked for a loop in a what is happening kind of way?

So please definitely keep that in mind when reading.

The book is about three sisters mainly we follow Kezi a young bright student with her future ahead of her and a popular Youtube channel that deals with Civil Rights. When she’s killed in police custody it’s up to her friends and family to move on and honor her memory.

Which isn’t that easy for her sister Happi.

Happi must deal with the loss of her sister and the brutal honest truth that her last words to her were harsh and that she never really knew her. I think the books best point is based on the title that ‘the good ones’ tend to mean more. We mourn more for the girl that had it together and was going to go and do big things than the girl who never had a chance to get it together.

The stuff with Kezi as we walk through her arrest and time in custody is also very harrowing and well-down. It puts you right there. The main family is nice and the friends are strong characters as well.

The book does tend to go off into family history and an aside that I couldn’t see the purpose of until the end.

It all does come together but does it work…


Without giving away spoilers I do feel that the Get Out part let’s call it relied on a a few too many coincidences to stretch for me and didn’t entirely mix with the rest of the book. But I still enjoyed it and I still think it was an important story and point to make.

So good characters with a meaningful at times harrowing plot and an interesting premise that mostly works.

Recommend: Yes. But keep in mind the Get Out thing while reading!

I also recommend these authors debut book Dear Haiti, Love Alaine which I really enjoyed.

Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for an ARC of the book. It didn’t influence my review in any manner.

One of the Good Ones is available January 5th.

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