Was the New Mutants Really that Bad?

Why yes, yes it was.

So why did I watch it considering the reviews pretty much summed it up? Well I’m an Anya fan and more importantly I’ve seen all the other Fox X-Men movies so I kind of wanted to stick a fork in the series, you know?

This one is about Dani who something happens to in the beginning and she winds up in an institution where she promptly tries to throw herself off a clock tower but it’s okay because she meets a cute girl and they start making eyes at each other.

So attempted suicide is cured by flirting.

I’m not trying to be sarcastic either. That truly annoyed me that it played out like that.

Also as far as the quick interpersonal relationships I thought Sam and Sunspot had a hella lot more chemistry than Dani and Rahne and they weren’t even trying.

I should admit some biases here. I mean I don’t hate Maisie Williams I think she’s talented but after a decade of a certain sector of Game of Thrones fans truly believing that the acting greats should just bow down at her feet I seriously had to wonder about that accent here. Or not here. Seemingly depending on the scene.

Don’t get me wrong I’m bias toward Anya and she wasn’t great here either. But she did get the coolest character.

Except she was racist so I couldn’t root for her either.

She and Henry did have the best nightmares though.

Anyway the Fox X-Men universe goes out with a plop. Logan remains the top of the X-Men movies for me by far. (Though how dare they try to sully its memory by squeezing a pointless reference in here. X-23 could kick any of their asses.)

Is The New Mutants the worst of the X-Men movies though?

I mean credit where it’s due there is a good kernel of an idea here with the mutant horror stuff…

So I’d say 3rd worst in front of:

Apocalypse where they buried Oscar Isaac under enough make-up to crush my spirits and Charles waved off Magneto committing mass murders on a global scale.

And Dark Phoenix where they screwed up the Phoenix story… again. And literally forgot what was in their own last movie.

Oh well. The mutants are Marvel’s now. Let’s see what they do with them 🙂

5 thoughts on “Was the New Mutants Really that Bad?

  1. Short answer: yes. Long answer: Dark Phoenix is still worse for me like you said. You’re lucky you didn’t have to suffer through New Mutants in theaters like I did.

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