Wandavision is a Tragedy

I’m loving the layers of Wandavision. The comedy and the horror but while watching the two commercials during the show I couldn’t help think how very sad Wanda’s story, and by extent the show, actually is.

Spoilers below!

Especially that first commercial for the Stark toaster/bomb and remembering the story about Wanda and her brother being trapped in the apartment for days with the unexploded Stark bomb that crushed their parents (who I definitely think are represented by the two actors) and waiting to die.

It’s such a good underlying look at the mental state that’s going on here and in the end the sadness mixed with Elizabeth Olsen’s great comedic timing and the underlying horror elements makes it even more striking.


So it’s looking like from the first two episodes Wanda is in charge of the bubble…

Which is what I had been hoping for as a fan of the character. SWORD’s infiltrations seem to be causing blips which she doesn’t seem to understand (or more likely doesn’t want to understand) and has to edit.

The towns people

There seems to be two minds on this. It’s obvious from Geraldine’s entrance in episode two that some of them are going to wind up being agents and infiltrators but I don’t think that’s true of everyone…

The dinner party being a perfect example and it seems like the townspeople have some idea at some point that it’s wrong. I think the husband’s why? why? Why? Leads to that. He started choking and eventually we get the wife going from telling her husband to stop (asking them) to finally tearfully begging a frozen Wanda to stop it.

Either way what she’s doing to them is terrifying.

Of course that leads to…


This character does have a comic book history and it’s not out of left field to think there’s something else going on. People have pointed out the brooch (and I’ve seen some wonder if the booze in the second episode isn’t some kind of potion to help her stay in reality) either way when they were gabbing in the first episode I couldn’t help think how nice it was to see a “normal” friendship even if it does have a fake glossy sheen to it.

Plus Kathryn Hahn is killing it. I kind of hope she’s there to help Wanda it would be a nice twist if she was like a shrink SWORD sent in but also a witch whose able to hold onto herself better than others.

So two episodes in I’m loving the show even as I fear where it’s headed.

I also admit if the performances remain as good I can’t help get a little thrill that two of my favorite (and in my opinion so far underused and underrated) actresses (Elizabeth and Anya) are going to sweep the award shows this year for television!

Plus I have to admit after a horrible 2020 it was damned nice to hear that Marvel music in front of something new!

Can’t wait for the next episode I definitely think we’ll learn more there 🙂

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    1. It will be interesting to see how much SWORD infiltration may be affecting her mind/fake reality. Maybe a third player is actually a fake out? We shall see!

  1. You’ve helped me understand the show so much better. I was hoping you’d post on it because I knew you could provide the insight I was lacking. Wonderful post!😊

  2. Watching that Marvel intro honestly gave me the chills, I can’t wait for cinemas to open again. I wasn’t expecting much from WandaVision but I’m loving it so far, and Kathryn Hahn is just perfect!

    1. I didn’t expect the flipping intro to effect me so much! Fingers crossed were all (safely) watching it in theaters come May 🙂

  3. Okay, I saw your spoilers warning so I skipped most of the post, but it seems like I might have misunderstood what you meant by a tragedy. Not, like, it’s so bad that it’s tragic?

    1. Ha. No. I think it’s great so far more just looking back at Wanda’s life and how her grief and untreated traumas are playing out in the narrative.

  4. For someone who enjoyed the Marvel break over the past year, it was nice to hear that opening symphonic again. I’m loving how the show is cycling through each decade of sitcoms. The Bewitched-style cartoon title sequence was the cherry on top for me!

  5. I watched the first two episodes and enjoyed them, but I also have to admit I don’t really “get” a lot of it, not being familiar with the comics and not even having seen the last two Avengers movies! I have to keep reading articles to tell me things I am apparently supposed to know.

    1. Understand. As much as I love the week to week format I do think this is one that might have been a better binge because I do think it will all make sense by the end 🙂

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